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China looks to expand stake in stem cell technology

Posted: 02 May 2012 01:50 AM PDT

China will build Asias biggest base to develop uses for stem cell medical
technology, which the health minister described as having huge potential
for development, a Hong Kong newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Stem cell techniques use the bodys master cells to create new cells that
medical researchers hope can be used to fight diseases and heal injuries.
Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu said his country could become a leader in
finding uses for the technology.

The stem cell and regenerative medicine sector is one of Chinas new
high-tech biological sectors with the strongest development potential, Chen
said in a message marking the launch of the project in eastern Jiangsu
province on Tuesday, according to the the Ta Kung Pao, a mainland-run Hong
Kong paper.

Accelerating the development of this sector will be important for lifting
peoples standard of living and health.

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hi, yes I like it.

But now that some rules changed in Texas, I wonder why you or other people here in this forum don't take advance of it and look for a doctor or pharma business to try different stem cells for treatment..

I would do that.


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I think we will be seeing some positive changes because of Texas. It will take a little time however to set up the IRB's that will be required. There may even be some legal challenges. It's uncharted territory so it's hard to predict how soon clinics can get all their ducks in a row.

For those in the U.S. that could not possibly make a trip overseas, what is happening in Texas has become even more significant. As member Connie stated in another thread, Don't Mess With Texas! I love that Texas attitude.