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caleb's mum

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Caleb's progress

Hi all

Well it is now 4 months since Caleb had his treatment, and he is such a different wee boy, his seizures have reduced to around 5 - 7 a day, he can hold his head up better, and is more vocal and active, he can also clap his hands now, which is so cute. I feel we are slowly getting our wee boy back, when I look in to his eyes I can see some one behind them now, where as before he was always so vacant looking. This is the website for TV3 they followed us over and made a programme about Caleb's Journey hope you enjoy his story.

Two other families from NZ have also received treatment by Dr Steenblock and another one is leaving soon to head over.

Will keep you posted.

Take care

Shirley & Caleb


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Stem cell

Great! am so glad for him. do check out the Halifax Injector on google. I am also trying to find out more about it. with this machine stem cells can be directly injected inside the brain ino the exact area of damage. It could be phenomenal for caleb and our son shaurya!

God Bless

RE: Caleb's progress

Wonderful video! Brought tears to my eyes and chills up my spine! We have 5 days to go before we arrive in San Diego/Tijuana.
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Shirley and family,

I have read all of your posts before about your little boy, Caleb. When I sat here and watched that video, I was crying and crying. This story is so wonderful---and Caleb seems such a sweet, sweet angel. Dr. Steenblock is a wonderful, caring man and he pulls no punches. This is such a triumphant story and one that seems to be on it's way to a happy ending!


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Shirley - Thanks so much for the update. When Dr. Steenblock said stem cells are the Holy Grail, this is a perfect example. Please continue to give us updates on Caleb.

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I am so glad to here that things are going so well with Caleb! What an awesome little boy!! Your documentary has reminded me again why I chose to trust Drs Steenblock and Ramirez. We'll be back there in June too. Best of luck to Caleb and your family!!

caleb's mum

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thank every one so much for your kind words about Caleb.

Dave good luck for your next trip, I know it will go well, how many treatments has Michael had and have they all been the same?. Please let us know how Michael gets on. I hope to go again in June/July, as long as the fundraisng goes well.
5th treatment

Michael's first two were subcutaneous injections. The third was subcutaneous but many more stemcells were injected. The 4 was intravenous with two bottles of mannitol. This is the first time with a catheter and we are hopeful that bypassing the heart and lungs with the stem cell infusion will have a more pronounced impact/benefit.

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We're Back!!!

I just wanted to "check back in" and let you all know that Kaci has returned from her stem cell treatment that she had on Monday in Mexico. She was a VERY brave little girl and came thru the whole ordeal nicely. Now I guess we just wait, wait, wait...
I'll keep you posted.


Henry Young

Cerebral Palsy Technique

Dear Kaci's Mom,

How did the clinic do the technique? Was it an IV injection with mannitol, was it placement underneath her skin, was it an intrathecal (reserve spinal tap), or what? How did they get the umbilical cord stem cells into her body?

Dr. Young


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Frank is doing well. He has made some improvements with cognition. We are still battling spasticity.

If everything goes well he'll be going for stem cell treatment in the Fall.

Hope Kaci is going to make more gains.



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Mild Cerebral Palsy

I am new to this site and did go thru some of the messages on this board and also did look at some stem cell articles in google. My son has mild Cerebral palsy and I am looking for stem cell transplant with a hope that it will cure CP. Please suggest what is the best course of action. Following are his details

Age : 7 1/2 Years (Entering second grade this August)
Birth Age: 28 weeks gestation (Premature)
Birth Weight : 1060 GRAMS
Diagnosis: Mild Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Diplegia affecting lower limbs)
Umbilical Cord : Not Stored at birth
Complications during birth : IVH (Intra Ventricular Hemmorage) and was diagnosed as mild PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia) leading to diagnosis of Mild CP (Brain MRI was done at the age of 2 years)
Current Weight : 20 KG
Current Height : 4 Feet
Other Current Medical Issues : No Major Issues....had some normal viral fevers but NO SEIZURES either during birth or afterwards
Academics : On par with his peers in Math and Reading....very social....good memory
Motor Skills Issues : hand eye coordination issues, poor balance while walking.....walking on toe...crouched/scissored walking at times...

I really appreciate comments from all so that it will help me to purse right treatment.


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There are several parents of children with CP who are members of this forum. Hopefully, they will see your post. Not all of them have used the same doctor either so hopefully you will get a variety of answers and resources to help you.


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Hi there

We went with Ramirez/Steenblock Research Institute for Umbilical cord stem cell therapy and are very happy with the results. We will be going back again.
However, there is always an element of risk with a surgical procedure. It does invovlve a general anaesthetic, and you are (in almost all circumstances) relying on a third world country to do the procedure. Not to be taken lightly, especially if your child is not severely disabled. Our daughter is unlikely to live past her young childhood, so quality of life is very important. Weigh up the risks, talk to lots of people. This is amazing stuff, but it is still very new, and you need to be very careful who you go with.
Have you considered: HBOT, Therasuit and Lokomat? Also surgery to release groin muscles and/or hamstring? Not saying 'don't do stem cell therapy' but am saying 'have you considered all your options'. Good luck with the research!