Cellulogix International earns the red flag warning


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Many of you have contacted me since you received letters from Stem Cell Biotherapy. The latest shenanigans with this company is that they are now going to call themselves Cellulogix International. First, they were moving to Europe, now they are going to be in Woodland Hills, (bigger and better than every before according to one of their spokespeople if you can imagine). The red flag warning will be flying higher for Cellulogix as they attempt to rid themselves of the Stem Cell Biotherapy association. Safety is still an issue as is the source of the cells. Also, keep in mind that Dr. Casey Nabavi, CEO, is not a medical doctor and as such cannot give medical advice and treatment legally. You take a risk going to any company that cannot produce certification for the purity of their cells and for $25000 which is what SCB was attempting to charge most customers, you must insist on it. Dr. Feinerman is not associated with Mr. Nabavi and for good reason. I am telling you this so that you will understand that Dr. Feinerman has nothing to do with what has been going on at SCB or with any new endeavor that Mr. Nabavi comes up with. Thumbs up to Dr. Feinerman who is doing legitimate stem cell treatment, thumbs way, way down to Cellulogix International and Mr. Nabavi for doing business as usual.

They also are doing business under Cellovie and Comprime selling supplements.
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