Casey Nabavi renigs on promised refund


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Cindy was promised a refund by Nabavi and instead he has just given her more to deal with by not following through on the promise. Is this the kind of person any of us would want to be treated by? Cutting corners with shoddy treatment not only gives the industry a black eye, it is extremely hazardous to our health.
Thanks Cindy for having the courage to stand up to this man. He certainly is deserving of it. I have made a complaint with the attorney general in California because of the way I was treated by this man as well. I also became very ill after receiving treatment from him. What happened to Cindy could happen to anyone. My advice - STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS MAN.

Cindy's website:

This site is no longer live which means that Nabavi has perhaps given her a much deserved refund.
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