Cardiomyopathy treatment follow-up at Stem Cell of America


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A friend of mine was recently a patient at Stem Cell of America. 3 months after treatment she said that her stamina had definitely improved and her episodes of atrial fibrillation diminished. She started to take slightly less cardiac medication and will continued to gradually reduce her dosage. A lot of other people have experienced the same results from this great clinic. They have a pretty good website -


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Thanks for posting this. Can I ask how old your friend is and what kind of cardiomyopathy she has? Was her case advanced? Just increasing her stamina has to be brightening her day! Do you know what kind of treatment it was (adipsose, marrow, etc.)?

Cardiomyopathy is a progressive disease if I'm correct. If stem cell treatment stops the progression then that is also a major benefit.