Can Stem Cell Therapy help the Mentally Disabled?


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I invited Dr. Alok Sharma to host Ask the Doctor last year after a member requested it. He seemed enthused, but never answered the questions after I sent them to him. I received a few more e-mails from him after that stating he really wanted to participate, but nothing ever materialized. Apparently, he is still in business according to the article you posted.


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Yes! Great article. “They claim that communication skills, learning abilities and other such qualities could improve through stem cell therapy.” This is definitely true – especially in autism patients treated with fetal neuronal stem cells. In the article the clinic from India states that this is a relatively new treatment but clinics in the west have been doing this successfully for many years now. Stem Cell of America is a great example.

Stefanie Kuhn

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I believe to the power of stem cell, I have numbers of articles that already read with different health conditions. Its expensive but the progress may not be that fast but its moving from impossibility to possibility.