Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD - Pulmonary Manifestations of COVID-19


Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD

This the ER doctor in Brooklyn who became a whistle blower over the damage an death that high pressure ventilators were causing in Covid-19 patients. He observed better outcomes is patients given low pressure oxygen in the early stages, rather than immediately going on ventilators. He also introduced the practice of "proning", placing the patient on their stomach, to get the stagnant fluids to move from the dorsal (back) part of the lungs where the infection was settling. What is being learned about lung damage from Covid-19 and how to repair it will benefit all forms of lung disease. At first the hospitals resisted his observations that treating with typical ARDS protocols was causing high fatalities, but other ER doctors listened to him, and they got the hospitals to change the protocols.

American College of Medical Toxicology @acmtmedtox

5/27/2020 - Pulmonary Manifestations of COVID-19

Here Dr. Kyle-Sidell discuses the pulmonary manifestations of #COVID19. We'll go BEYOND ARDS and discuss the search for a model of COVID-19 lung injury and most importantly, what that means for us at the bedside.