Breo Ellipta, Weight Loss and COPD


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I wanted to let the COPD members of the group know about one of the newer drugs for COPD. Breo Ellipta. It has been life changing for me. Talk to your doctor about trying a 14 day sample. I started noticeable improvement in 7 days. Breo is covered by most insurance including Medicare.

I also noticed that my breathing improved even more after I lost 11 pounds. I hope to lose 20 more. I just wanted to share my experience.


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I took Jeannine's advice and tried Breo. I like that it is once a day and the inhaler is very easy to use. I did want to mention that my primary doctor for my insurance had never heard of it and claimed it was not covered by Medicare. That proved to be false. I did my own digging, went to my alternative care doctor who is always more up to date, and he ordered it for me that day. I pay $131 for a 3 month's supply which I think is reasonable.