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Anybody hear of this outfit?

California Physician Benefits from Blue Horizon Stem Cell Treatments
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NEW YORK, April 21, 2014

NEW YORK, April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert, a 67-year-old physician, who lives in California is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys leading an active lifestyle. In 2011, after sustaining an injury while horseback riding, his ability to participate in many of his favorite past times was severely impacted.

The busy physician was suffering from vertebral pain and, as a result, all of the activities he looked forward to doing in his free time were no longer enjoyable. "The injury and pain limited my ability to sit through the theater, I wasn't able to hike, and I couldn't even fly fish," said Robert.

Throughout his medical career Robert has seen incredible advances in medicine and healthcare delivery. Over the years, new and innovative treatments have been discovered that have had dramatically improved the quality of life for so many people.

After researching his options, Robert learned about Blue Horizon Stem Cells. Blue Horizon Stem Cells is the division of Blue Horizon International (BHI) that provides stem cell therapy and research to achieve health benefits. Blue Horizon was founded by stem cell guru, Dr. Brian Mehling, an orthopedic trauma surgeon who believes advanced stem cell therapies will soon be preferred over many surgical, pharmacological, and rehabilitative medical services. Dr. Mehling's Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation is the fundraising arm of his corporation that provides charity care for people who otherwise would not have access to these treatments. The foundation also supports charities promoting healthcare education and awareness across the globe.

"Originally, I had some trepidation about going to China for stem cell therapy," Robert said. "However, all of this was assuaged by the exquisite attention to detail that the staff showed there starting immediately at the airport. Every detail was thought out and it was a completely seamless experience."

He also noted the high ratio of staff attending to him during his stay. "The procedures were done perfectly. I had no reaction to the initial treatment and was taken to the hotel by staff and it was really spectacular.

The positive changes in Robert's health were noted over the two to three weeks immediately following the treatment. He was able to participate in the activities he was so eager to engage in again. "The daily pain level continued to be minimal to none and has been so for the last six months. If there is a return of symptoms, I would be eager to have another treatment," Robert said.

Uniquely positioned to take advantage of its clinical research, BHSC has safely and efficiently treated more than 600 patients with over 2,600 regenerative procedures documenting each procedure while tracking the progress of patients through their treatment cycle. Blue Horizon International Stem Cell Therapy Program is associated with The Stem Cell Centre, Hongqiao Brain Hospital and Wuhan University School of Basic Medical Science, Wuhan, China. A new lab and treatment center for orthopedic therapies is scheduled to open at Medissimo Hospital and Clinic in May 2014. For more information, please visit

Blue Horizon International is a healthcare consulting company with a unique concept that combines treatment, research, and philanthropic efforts. BHI provides the highest quality care and services available in surgical and medical treatments globally, the most advanced technologies currently available in stem cell therapies, and also provides resources needed to assist children and adults who are medically underserved.

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I'm leery of a clinic that lists only four doctors, but claims to treat "A - Z" conditions. Also, the website doesn't give much info about the type of stem cells it offers; all it says is "Adult Stem Cells." Are they autologous or allogeneic? Are they from adult donors or from cord blood, etc.? The site doesn't indicate if the cells are cultured or not, etc. It appears one has to go through a salesperson to get additional info. All of these are red flags to me.

I looked for it on LinkedIn and didn't find it, yet the name seems vaguely familiar to me. Unfortunately, I'm having to take nasty narcotics at present, which make my memory foggy.


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Also, note the lack of published research by the doctors there... another red flag. What is the nature of your ortho problems, BTW?


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Hello Claire, Here's some more information on them. The Blue Horizon Stem Cell Therapy Program ONLY utilizes stem cells from either your own body or umbilical cord donors whom have proceeded through a multiple step testing process that ensures stem cell patient safety.

Blue Horizon Stem Cells Receive Wright State University IRB Approval for Retrospective Chart Review
Researchers study the benefits of regenerative medicine in spinal cord injury

I am not thinking of going there, but posted the article because it said Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation provides charity care for people who otherwise would not have access to these treatments. I know that treatment is out of reach for some people and thought this might be something worth looking at. I don't know anything about the company except for what I can find on the internet.


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The IRB is certainly a good sign; it will be interesting to see the results when they are published.

Where did you see anything about Blue providing charitable financial assistance? Forgive me if I missed it; I'm still having to take muscle relaxers and pain meds.

Do you have any idea of the average price of treatment and the cost of traveling to China from the States?

Travel is expensive and painful for most people with chronic conditions. I'm dreading a relatively short flight to Colorado to be treated by Dr. Centeno. There is no way I could physically handle flight(s) to China. I definitely recommend that people with ortho conditions seriously consider treatment by Dr. Centeno. His main clinic is near Denver and he gets impressive results with autologous BM SCs. I purchased a premium insurance plan that includes Centeno as "in network;" so, insurance should defray some of the costs of treatment.

Do you have any info RE: are any of the stem cells at Blue are cultured?




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It sounds like they are expanded Claire. The charitable foundation is mentioned on their website. There are 3 locations I guess. I really don't know that much about them. According to their site, you may receive treatment in:

Wuhan Hong Qiao Brain Hospital in Wuhan, China
Medissimo Hospital in Bratislava, Slovakia
Mehling Orthopedics, West Islip, New York

Preparation and Process

The process involves harvesting immature stem cells from bone marrow or an umbilical cord. Bone marrow is rich in stem cells, which occur naturally, to replenish blood cells for oxygen and disease fighting capabilities.

Donors are tested for disease and blood type and undergo a minor procedure to extract bone marrow cells usually from the hip bone. This is done under sterile conditions with a needles and syringe. The cells are then mixed with saline and cultivated in cell growth medium to allow the stem cells to multiply.
An umbilical cord from a newborn baby is very rich in stem cells. The cord is donated by a mother who has agreed to a C-section delivery of her healthy full term baby. The donors are tested at several different times to assure that AIDS, hepatitis and syphilis are not present. Many samples from the donated umbilical cord are taken under sterile conditions and harvested in vitro, out of the body. They are grown in a solution with nutrients to encourage multiplication of cells. It is not necessary for the cord blood stem cells to be cultured and expanded in vitro which spare time and avoid the increased risk of contamination with any culture manipulation.

Whether from the umbilical cord or bone marrow, when cell population growth reaches a desirable level, they are ready for transplantation. Depending on the type of tissue and disease affected, the stem cell therapy cells are injected or otherwise introduced into the patient.


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Now I remember why I recognize the name. Someone involved in promoting the clinics contacted me on LinkedIn. I declined, as I've already thoroughly vetted Dr. Centeno and paid my deposit. I also mentioned all the red flags I saw on the site.

Centeno is the established leader in stem cell orthopedics. I can't imagine choosing any other option. He has ample research and a track record of success. He has treated pro-athletes and Olympians. He has been doing this work for about a decade now and he is constantly refining his techniques.

Once I've been treated, I will share my experiences with anyone who is interested.