Biologic Therapies Drillable Bone Marrow Cannulas FDA Cleared


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Biologic Therapies Drillable Bone Marrow Cannulas FDA Cleared
by EDITORS on Jun 1, 2015

Biologic Therapies, a company out of Ocala, Florida, won FDA clearance to introduce its Bio-MAC bone marrio aspiration and Bio-CORE bone marrow biopsy cannulas.

Bio-MAC-on-DrillBoth devices work with standard surgical drills instead of being hammered into bone as is done with most similar cannulas. The goal is to reduce fracturing to bone around the site of insertion, also reducing the discomfort that the patient may feel during the procedure.

The devices come in a variety of lengths, allowing access to a great deal of skeletal anatomy, including the tibia, humerus and calcaneus bones.

“Our products enable physicians to aspirate bone marrow in their own office with only local anesthesia, which is revolutionary,” said Dr. Wade McKenna, Biologic Therapies’ Chief Medical Director, in a statement. “The ability to aspirate a patient’s marrow, concentrate the marrow in a centrifuge to derive the maximum number of regenerative cells and growth factors, and then give the concentrated cells and growth factors back to the patient in a physician’s office makes regenerative cell therapy a much easier, more available and less costly procedure. The entire point-of-care procedure takes less than 30 minutes. Of course, the Bio-MAC and Bio-CORE are also used in hospitals and surgery centers.”