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Has anyone undergone treatment with the either of the above organisations, I am currently talking to them, and the time is rapidly approaching when I will have to make a decision.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of these clinics.


Nepsis Institute

Norm, We have not had the opportunity to work with the Nepsis Institute yet, but are waiting to do so. I have met Dr. Payne several times and have been in communication with him since 2002 when I spoke with him at a convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was with SRI, Dr. Steenblock, then. I have great trust and confidence that Dr. Payne is is with a high quality organization and have no doubt that he has contributed to that high quality with the Nepsis Institute. I understand that they are working with Dr. Ramirez in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Ramirez delivers the stem cells since he has the License to do so. My son has received all 5 of his stem cell treatments with Dr. Ramirez. He comes with my complete whole hearted recommendation. He is a knowledgable, compassionate and accomplished physician.
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Norm - I ditto what Michaelsdad00 says. Nepsis is first class, very customer oriented and a very innovative company, however, they are in the initial stages of treating most diseases. Their customer care is the best that there is in my opinion. We do have information in the ALS forum from patients that have gone to Nepsis and also in the company promotional forum. This company is out to find real cures.

As for Bio Stem Cell Genetics, I have already mentioned on this forum the many problems that have popped up concerning this clinic recently. Their nurse/patient liason fluctuates between hundreds and thousands of patients that have been treated successfully. These statements are simply not true and are made to attract desperate patients I suppose. One member said after she told this nurse that she wanted to look further, the conversation turned ugly. Fredda Branyon who runs the clinic (and is not an MD) has refused to acknowledge the e-mails I have sent her. She uses umbilical cord mesenchymal cells which Dr. Young for one says are not enough to actuate real lung regeneration and they are not giving the clients that I have heard from certificates of purification which to me is a must. I would not go there at this time. When this clinic first started we had high hopes for them and their standards promised to be high. Fredda was responsive. That has all changed.
When I start receiving complaints like I have for this company and get no response, I have no other choice but to give them a thumbs down. One member said that NO follow up was done with her whatsoever. Who needs that type of service? Not me, and I would think not you.