before/after X-ray CT Scan

Hi Everyone,

I know people have brought it up before. So forgive me for doing so. But it seems that if there is any convincing America's doctors to stand up and pay attention to how great stem cells are for copd, someone who has had the treatment needs to get an x-ray or ct scan that shows the undeniable, visable difference between before the treatment and after.

Is anyone willing to do that? I think it would certainly go a long way to extinguishing the deniability of the effectiveness of stem cell treatment for copd. Not to mention those of us who have COPD, that aren't certain if stem cell treatment is truly, physically effective.

An x-ray or ct scan could go a long way to convincing the rest of the world that this is for real and can't be ignored.


John "Andy" Tillman


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John "Andy"

We are planning to do this after the 6 month period is up. My doctor is also very anxious to get results of my PFT testing and CT Scan. I have before CT Scans and am waiting until November to have the after CT Scan and PFT done. I think several others are planning to do the same.

Nassin had PFTs and his FEV1 had gone up by 7 points as of April I believe.
If you've read the article on here about the Argentina results - he is one of the people in the article.


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No X-ray for me

Andy - The doctor where I went to have my treatment is adamant about NOT having X-rays for the first six months. I will visit my pulmo in October. I have all the before pics that anyone would ever want of my lungs. I have all the confidence in the world that I will show good reportable improvement when I visit my pulmo in October. There is such a thing as good old common sense and I feel great! Also, I do use my peak flow meter daily and can see a measurable difference with that.
post treatment ct scans

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to say thank you for responding to my email about post treatment ct scans. It does make sense that the stem cell doctors would not want you to have a ct scan for six months after the treatment.

I can't tell you how excited I have been to hear about this treatment. I was on another website when Nassin originally brought it up. It was truly amazing the amount of research a person with this disease has to go through to make these discoveries.

My reason for asking about the scans is because I'm very, very, hopeful that the results will show an actual, physical change/improvement in the lungs, proving that the cells actually do some kind of repair. If this is the case, it's really going to change medicine as we know it. It's very important. I'm thrilled for all of you and wait on pins and needles to see the tangible results of this treatment.


John "andy" Tillman
A list of stem cell doctors would be helpful

Thank you everyone for your last reply.

As this is a relatively new site. For new visitors like me who are just begining the research phase of stem cell transplants for COPD/Emphysema, I tend to get scarce or greatly varying and fragmented information when inquiring about Doctors who perform stem cell transplants. I've heard there are great ones and that there are some fly-by-night companies out there hoping to make a quick profit off of sick and desperate people.

Considering the huge cost and risk of this treatment, and considering the number of people on this site who have been successfully treated on this site, as well as the number of us "lost sheep" out here looking for hope, it would be hugely beneficial and very much appreciate if members could possibly create a page with a list of the doctors they been successfully treated by, their locations and contact information and maybe even what type of stem cells they use. Perhaps their credintials???

I'm not asking this for any other reason than that we are easy targets for people and when I've inquired about doctors, I seem to get a different name and location from every person I ask. I think this would be a great start to a list that would be tremendously beneficial to so many people.

In fact, if anyone else is too busy to do this, I would happily volunteer. All I need is for each member who has had the treatment to send me the information about your doctor, any information you have including:

Name, Contact Phone Number, Geographic Location, Types of diseases treated with stem cells, types of cells used, and any other helpful information including perhaps the amount of time you spent there.

This would make things much easier than having to scour the site.


John "Andy" Tillman
doctors and clinics


I can't afford the book right now. Is there anyway you would sell the list of clinics seperately?? How much would that cost?

Honestly Barb, I've researched my head off. My last email wasn't sent without doing anything prior.

I called Nassin the day he Emailed the Efforts List. If you were a member you probably remember someone who vigourously defended him when he was attacked. That was me.

I do think of how it was for him. So can you think of how it is for me and the others out there who are sick? You haven't forgotten have you?

So you're saying, we have the info but you have to pay us for it by buying the book???

I thought only doctors and health insurance companies were the ones taking advantage of chronically ill people.

You're response is selffish and disgusting. Perhaps you should look into stem cells for your heart, it seems to have a gigantic hole in it.



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Message to Andy

Andy - I am not saying that. I have sent you personal responses telling you the information that I have. In our book is another long list of clinics and no, I am not going to print them on the forum because we have decided that our policy, from the very beginning, day one, (pre book) of this forum that we would not do that. I respond to everyone that asks me and I spend hours of my own time doing all of this. All of the other Pioneers do the same thing. You are asking for solid evidence that stem cell therapy works for everyone and I cannot provide it for you. Nassin is the first person I know of that received it last December. It hasn't even been a year yet for him and you want empirical evidence that no one can provide. I am sorry. I wish I were very wealthy. I would send everyone a book, but I am not and I cannot. I will send you one however, if you will send me your mailing address in a personal e-mail. I do not have a hard heart, but we have set a policy and we were able to come to conclusions when we got our therapy without our book, without this forum and without much information. Now, we are trying to pass that along and I am sorry if you feel shorted. I am not trying to be mean, but I refuse to get in a position of endorsing clinics, doctors and companies. This has to be a personal decision. You can make that decision from your own research, from contacting members that have had treatment or from any other source you can find, but bottom line - you need to be the one to make the decision.
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Connie Golden

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Message To Andy

Dear Andy,

I was inclined to ignore your previous post but I am unable to because of
how wonderful and unselfish Barbara and Jeannine are.

I'm not going to be harsh or rude to you. I understand we are all sick and tired of being sick, however, may I suggest you spend a little more time on this site so you can understand the good wisdom of the rules of this site. Never, never could anyone call any of these people on this site selfish. They answer all our questions quickly and intelligently. Most important, they have pointed us in the direction where we can hope to improve our lives. There are a remarkable number of people whom they have enlightened and I am one of these grateful people. Selfish they are not. Had you read more at this site you could have found much of the info you needed. Let's not bicker. I refuse to. This is the last you'll hear on this subject from me.



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Connie - Thank you very much for your very nice comments. I am not sure when I suggest to people that they purchase the book that they realize that it covers a lot of ground that I just cannot go over on the forum. A sale also helps realize the dream we have for this forum to establish a fund for those that cannot afford the full cost of treatment. We are giving some of the proceeds back to the forum. We have spent months writing and editing our book so that it can help people, not hurt them. We also are more than willing to talk to people on the phone or by e-mail if there is something they need help with. Reading all the posts on this forum is no easy task, but many do. If I were to put all the info that is in our book on the forum, I would have to do it on a daily basis almost because this forum is designed to show only the latest posts under New Posts. There are threads that indicate what the post started out to be, but as I mentioned the other day, some people in their excitement or plain old ditziness (this is me), just post and then realize that the post wasn't what the thread topic was about. So unless you are keeping up daily, you just might miss some important information. I think the book is a valuable tool in that respect Andy. I am now going to go in Connie's direction and not discuss this anymore.


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Hard-hearted they're not


I have to agree with Connie that no one I have run into on this forum is selfish or hard-hearted. There is a wealth of information on this site and everyone here is more than willing to share what they know with others. Unfortunately, some of it has to be done by private messages on this forum or through personal emails. This is as much to protect the doctors who are doing this as it is to not show favouritism to anyone. Barb and Jeanine could have decided to endorse only the clinic that treated them and not welcome anyone else's comments on here, but they chose not to do that. That in itself shows unselfishness to me.

I also agree with Barb that there is not one person on here is able to give a report that the stem cells are doing what everyone asks of them. How can anyone give that type of report when it's only been months since they've been treated? One thing you will find, though, is the government will wait a lot longer to give you results and they won't be providing you with any reports along the way. I hope you reconsider your remarks and continue to join the rest of us that are still researching, or even trying to raise funds to make treatment a possibility. That's where I am personally at, wanting to keep my hubby around for a lot more years, rather than giving in to what the doctors have said and believing their death sentences.

Take care,