Another The Niche comment Axed


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I posted one comment this morning on It was simple, to the point and nothing bad. It was promptly Axed by the niche.

I posted a second comment along the lines of my first comment...which is below.....lets see if The Niche posts it...

Here is the second comment:
You are a LIAR Knoeepflrr. Just in the recent past I posted several comments that were censored and not posted by you. What exactly are your standards of "moderation", other than what you say in this blog, because my comments do not fit in this category. You post menial and unintelligent comments by your cronies but you cannot take truth and the harsh criticism that is based on truth. None of my comments were personal attacks or indecent, other than the fact that they were the truth. You want a particular message to come across in your blogs and comments and you censor away those that directly and emphatically counter your intellect. Isnt this didnt post my earlier comment either....goes on to show your agenda, Knoeppflerr.