Alexey Bersenev and his views on his own blog-Stem Cell Assays


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Stem cell patients have known Alexey Bersenev and his blog "Stem Cell Assays" for some time now. Alexey and the other academic shills have had many heated arguments previously on twitter with stem cell patients who are fighting for the right to be treated with their own stem cells. Alexey also blogged about these issues for a long time. It was astonishing to read Alexey's views about his own blog in a revealing twitter argument over many days with @The*****Niche. In this exchange, Alexey admits that his blog does not attempt to provide truth on issues he blogs about, but he thinks that readers collectively need to put in effort to find out more information and contribute to the truth by posting comments on his blog. He thinks that the reader community have the responsibility to pursue truth and that he does not wait to gather all available information at the time about a topic before he blogs. He calls his blog as his 'opinion' on one hand and on the other hand says 'readers need to put in effort to find out truth and make my blog better through commenting'. He makes more bizzaire and twisted arguments, giving insight into his mind.

Stem cell patients and advocated please read the exchange on twitter between @cells_nnm and @The*****Niche

In a few days, I will post a summary of the exchange and what these taypayer funded "scientists" think is their responsibility when they post something online, tweet or blog. You then wonder what standard do they have when they publish their scientific "findings"


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He would do well to put a disclaimer at the top of his blog stating that it is just his opinion, nothing more. For anyone who would like to join or follow this conversation, please do so. TheB itchNiche is where to follow the argument. One thing to Alexsey's credit; he didn't immediately block TheB itchNitch which is more than I can say for certain other academics on Twitter, but he isn't winning me over if he doesn't fact check.

In one exchange on Twitter, Alexey said he was too busy to have signed up to comment at the April FDA meeting. Let's hope he can clear his calendar for when the meeting will be held later this year.

Evidently, there is some kind of block on the word B itch if spelled out on this forum so that's why ****is showing up. You will need to put the letters together to follow the Twitter account for @The*****Niche. It's a good thing we aren't discussing dog breeding.