8 months and counting


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Well, it has now been 8 months since my last treatment. I wanted top wait that long before reporting, so I could determine if my improvements noted in earlier post stood the test of time & to make sure there was no other improvements.

I can truly say that my treatments have stood the test of time & am looking forward to a lasting improvement in all areas.

Hopefully I will be able to take another round and see a few more things improved on. I wish I could give you more information, but the process I went through is proprietary but is truly remarkable.

Good luck to all,


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JP - I do have a list of improvements seen by a member that I will post. It is remarkable. I hope you have done as well.

1. Energy level way up and holding.
2. Severe razor burn gone in 24 hours after first treatment
3. I am estimating that my vision (was completely blind in my right eye from
laser surgeries) Color and outline has improved aprox. 60 %.
4. Off and on pain in neck area from old injury has gone away.
5. Headaches very severe (diagnosed as an oversize artery in my brain)and
occurring on a daily basis have completely gone away.
6. Joint pain constant very severe at night has completely gone away.
7. Pain in forearms (reduced pain pills for this by 33%) has virtually gone
away. Still present only not as severe when I reduced pain medicine by 60%.
8. Sleep has improved from 5 ? 6 hours to 8 ? 9 hours (may be related to joint pain going away).
9. Blood pressure improved, was able to reduce one of my medicines by 50%.
10. Balance/Stability has improved, posture improved (comments by others) not where I would like it to be but improved.
11. Strength has improved, after long periods of standing or walking my legs
don?t cramp like they used to.
12. Stamina still about the same, but I seem to recover faster (short breaks
from walking).
13. This winter I noted an improvement in my ability to function in the cold,
before my arms and hands shut down completely in a very short period of cold, now it takes longer and didn?t experience a complete shutdown.
14. Noted from several friends an improvement in the texture of my skin.
15. Had a bench mark nerve conductivity test in October followed up with a
follow up Nerve conductivity test in May. Did this hoping for verification of
the stem cells re-building my insulation on my nerves that build muscle and
control sensitivity. Results of the test showed no measurable improvement in
this area. Dr. said their might have been a very slight improvement in one arm, but was so slight he couldn?t give a % improvement.

Note: I feel that even though I didn?t see the improvement in the nerves that I was hoping for that the overall therapy was a success. Improvements in so many different areas that are holding (time will tell) tell me that even though they aren?t measurable, there were a lot of things that were fixed.


This patient did not get the nerve regeneration hoped for, but nevertheless, the improvements in other areas are significant which from a patient viewpoint is very meaningful. Thanks for posting JP. I had been wondering how you were doing.