‘Stem Cell Pioneers’ Website Launches Mean-Spirited, Unfounded Attacks on Scientists'


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LLL6521 posted this:

In Ipscell.com or Mr. Paul Knoepfler's blog, he wrote an article titled, ‘ Stem Cell Pioneers ‘ Website Launches Mean-Spirited, Unfounded Attacks on Scientists.'

The article says without reiterating the entire article, Why are the Stem Cell Pioneers folks being so mean-spirited and insulting?

I tried posting a comment to his blog article, but somehow it showed up and then poof gone. However, he implies that he will monitor stem cell pioneers, I don’t know, but I’m looking into it for a second planned blog post on Stem Cell Pioneers, said Knoepfler. Here is part of the comment that was removed. It mentions the first message on this thread, and then continues on with this:

...Dr. Knoepfler, do you currently receive or have received any grants from National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation? And are you attempting to patent any future discoveries? Barbara is not the only one opposing your position on autologous stem cells being a drug. There are many more people, and they are growing in numbers. Believe me, whenever we see another blog or mention that autologous stem cells are unproven and dangerous. We will simply expose your conflict of interests of having these medical procedures progress like any other medical procedure that may hinder your future patents and royalties.
My response:

Thanks LLL6521. Mr. Knoepfler and others might want to read this article that I just posted in another section http://www.stemcellpioneers.com/showthread.php?t=6119

The posting from his blog is below my comments.

I don't believe any of the comments are getting more "extreme" as Mr. Knoepfler suggests. I guess he believes that patients should have been high fiving each other and throwing some lavish celebration parties in light of the recent ruling in the Regenerative Sciences case. I guess he also thinks we should like the type of press the ruling got in many cases where the conclusion was that the FDA was victorious and that this was the end of the lawsuit. The truth was not told in most articles I read. This case is far from over Mr. Knoepfler.

There have been attacks on me personally for my support of a patient's rights to use their own stem cells. On LinkedIn, one PhD said I was a zero and that I knew nothing because I did not have a degree in science. Another blog had a link to a disgruntled patient who has made accusations against Regenerative Medicine Institute and Angeles Hospital. On this PhD's blog, this single incident was treated as though it was a major event proving the PhD's theory that stem cell therapy is dangerous.

As for rolling out an article that is years old and citing that as Mr. Knoepfler has done, that proves my point that some scientists are out of touch, unbending and do not like change. The first treatment I had was a disaster. It's why this forum was started. Why go back to the dark ages though when so many improvements have been made and so many solutions other than denying patients their human rights should be open for discussion? I was also misquoted in the Washington Post article and immediately made a comment to that effect. Apparently, Knoepfler chose to ignore that.

This forum is not kind to every operation out there. We acknowledge that there are doctors and clinics that only want our money. We are aware that safety is important. We were one of the only voices railing against X-Cell Center in Germany on a consistent basis. We exposed Casey Nabavi. We have warned about other operations and will continue to do so. That being said, research scientists are not exempt from criticism on this forum especially when the media refuses to vet those quoted as experts or industry spokespeople. The public has a right to know what conflicts of interest these spokespeople have if any. It's simply not good enough for me and hopefully not good enough for others to simply quote that John Doe, PhD. from such and such university states this and therefore it is a true scientific, unbiased fact.

Knoepfler says we are the biggest fans of urging patients to go get stem cell treatment. He says, "What the heck. What changed?" Apparently, Mr. Knoepfler hasn't really read many of the posts on this forum. Nothing has changed Mr. Knoepfler. We still respect science, we simply do not respect scientists who seem to be ecstatic over the court ruling that gave us all so much hope. That was terribly disrespectful of patients Mr. Knoepfler. We also do not respect PhD's who of late seem to somehow believe they are medical doctors. I see a lot of that online and it's something that needs to be challenged. I also don't see a lot of PhD's who have blogs such as yours explaining what your work could mean in the future to you monetarily. I am happy to explain to you what stem cell treatment means to me. It means that I am feeling better than I have in years. It means that I have had a verified increase in lung function. It means I am not declining. It means my quality of life has done that 180 turn you talked about.

You could also do us a favor by dropping the "protection" aspect of your arguments. What on earth are you protecting someone from who has a terminal disease and no quality of life? Prove to us that you aren't protecting your own patents, jobs and funding. And why don't you get it that many patients don't have years? You seem to believe that we should be content to die off willingly for the sake of research that quite honestly does not seem to favor the use of our own stem cells as a practice of medicine with our own physicians.

I honestly am surprised that you didn't contact me directly, but perhaps your motive was more about defending yourself than really wanting to know where I and others on this forum are coming from. If you would like to host Ask the Doctor (we can call it Ask the PhD) and field questions from our membership, then I invite you to do that. Please contact me through this forum.
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Here's the info from Paul Knoefler's blog that LLL6521 is talking about.
‘ Stem Cell Pioneers ‘ Website Launches Mean-Spirited, Unfounded Attacks on Scientists https://www.ipscell.com/2012/08/stem-cell-pioneers-website-launches-mean-spirited-unfounded-attacks-on-scientists/

Posted on August 15, 2012
There’s a website out there called Stem Cell Pioneers.

It is very much an advocate for adult stem cell clinics.

More and more these days, the folks running Stem Cell Pioneers have been posting comments on stem cell articles on the Internet. These comments have also been getting more and more extreme of late as well. Angry even. They attack and insult scientists and anyone who questions for-profit stem cell clinics or technology.

If you look at the discussions on the Stem Cell Pioneers website itself as well there are also untrue comments that frequently are insulting and mean-spirited to specific scientists including me.

I have a pretty thick skin after all these years in academia and a couple years as a blogger so I can handle criticism. But I’m puzzled.

Why are they so very angry and mean-spirited?

I don’t get it. Why would a purportedly pro-patient website attack stem cell scientists?

One example of their anger is on a Star Tribune article about stem cell treatments where I was quoted by the reporter, who interviewed me as a stem cell scientist/expert.

The Stem Cell Pioneers founder commented thusly on that article (emphasis mine):

Why does the media not give background information on “experts” that are quoted and the ISSCR? There are conflicts of interest that need to be reported. This is all about the money - BIG MONEY. Patients getting treated with their own stem cells is not profitable to anyone but doctors who administer the treatment. As a patient with a terminal disease & co-founder of the Stem Cell Pioneers forum, I believe I can speak for myself and most other forum members, that we believe that the FDA’s regulation of our own stem cells as drugs is nothing short of a death sentence and a violation of our civil rights. We are also tired of the research community, Big Pharma and the FDA protecting their own interests and the media for failing to really dig deep and understand the conflicts that abound. Space does not permit me to print a list of patents held by current and past presidents of ISSCR, but the list is a long one. This fight is far from over. Patients are tired of being used. Many, like myself, have tried all means of conventional medicine. There are no clinical trials and yet we are told to wait decades for our own “safety”. WE DON’T HAVE THE LUXURY OF TIME. There are safeguards for patients just in the fact that physicians must be licensed and carry malpractice insurance. Stem cell therapy should be a decision a patient makes with his doctor, not with an uncaring scientist or government agency. I am truly disappointed to see yet another story that does not bring to light the conflicts that I mentioned.

So she’s making unsupported, angry accusations of conflicts of interest, a big pharma conspiracy, and scientists being “uncaring”, but providing no evidence for any of this.

None of that is correct.

It looks like all the comments on this article have now been removed, perhaps because some got out of control and potentially libelous against me and other scientists.

I don’t get the anger and accusations.

Why are the Stem Cell Pioneers folks being so mean-spirited and insulting?

It really doesn’t make sense, especially when you look back 4 years and see what these folks were up to.

Indeed, the founders of Stem Cell Pioneers were featured in a Washington Post article 4 years ago that had a distinctly anti-stem cell clinic tone. They were quoted about how they had been hurt by stem cell transplants at a dubious clinic that they were directed to by a website promoting stem cell clinics.

Now, however, the Stem Cell Pioneers folks seem to have done a 180 and are the biggest fans of stem cell treatment clinics out there, urging patients to go to such clinics.

What the heck? What changed?

I don’t know, but I’m looking into it for a second planned blog post on Stem Cell Pioneers.

At the end of that 2008 WaPo article, one of the founders is quoted as follows about stem cell treatments from clinics:

“At the beginning you think, ‘I’m going to be cured for life, I’m going to get better every day,…Well, that isn’t true.”

Wow, how things can get turned on their head in just a few years, huh?

Stem Cell Pioneers founders, if you are reading this, I’d like to talk with you about all this and hopefully have a constructive, respectful dialogue, rather than your angry and insulting accusations against me and other scientists. I have quite a few questions for you as well.

Please email me: knoepfler@ucdavis.edu


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Thank you guys. This discussion really needs to get out in the open. I don't think PhD''s have the training needed to make medical decisions for patients. It seems like they are overstepping their boundaries and wanting to call the shots for research, physicians and patients. It's disheartening to be treated like a dispensable piece of lab equipment, but quite frankly that's how it feels to me when they cling to the old models and methods.

I was also shocked by some of the comments on the Knoepfler blog that made this forum sound political. Who the bleep would think wanting to try stem cell treatment when you have tried everything else has anything to do with politics? I am starting to believe what my mother used to say about someone who was too smart to have any common sense. Maybe, that's a problem with some PhD's. Maybe, a little real life time out of the lab would do them some good.


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The mean bunch can be found in the comments section on the Knoepfler blog. They surely seem to have let their egos get in the way of compassion. I think they have us confused with lab rats and brainless idiots, not real human beings. I was going to comment on that site, but decided I don't need to give them any more pleasure in disparaging sick people.

If Professor Knoepfler won't come on here as Barbara suggested, then I will safely tuck him away in my Chicken S@#T folder along with all the others who posted anonymously on his blog. Funny how big and bold they are, but not big and bold enough to post their real names and the universities or companies where they work. At least Knoepfler gets credit for not hiding behind some phony name, just a phony notion that he and others like him are protecting us.


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In case any more of the comments get removed, here's what is on the blog right now. I have a real problem with snarky, juvenile comments made by those that refuse to post their real name or even identify what their interest is in the discussion, especially when making speculations about the purpose of this forum. That is mean spirited Mr. Knoepfler.

No research scientists have answered the question I keep asking. What are you protecting sick and dying patients from? Do they not realize that most of us have tried all conventional medicine options? They may believe they are next to Einstein on the genius scale when it comes to science, but on the practical, real life scale, some would test below average.

There has been no acceptance of my offer to Paul Knoepfler to host Ask the Doctor (PhD, professor, blog writer, or whatever title he chooses to host under) either. I would only hope he would man up and accept and let us find out why he wants patients to die for what most of us believe is greed and profit.

Here are the comments:

Super on August 15, 2012 at 10:16 am said:
Maybe SCP had some sweet deal to funnel patients and is angry that it has fallen apart after the FDA ruling.

(note, comment edited)

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feaarn on August 15, 2012 at 10:52 am said:
I used to read this blog all the time, sincere i love and i still do.

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Kelly on August 16, 2012 at 7:49 am said:
This sounds like someone who maybe has fallen into a vat of Tea Party nonsense about the ACA – especially since the previous quotes you have are from 2008. Might be an angle worth eliminating, anyhow. (The rhetoric just sounds,…familiar.)

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Albert Salazar on August 17, 2012 at 12:32 pm said:
In 1980, Congress passed the Patent and Trademark Act amendments to encourage universities to patent inventions made in the course of government-sponsored research, and federal grants (like NIH) are non-redeemable or gifts from tax payers money. Then in 1984, Congress found that the effective life of patents for pharmaceuticals was shortening as a result of the significant amount of time often required for pre-market approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Congress also found that the decrease in patent life was causing a decline in the introduction of new research, so they extended the life of patents to 17 years … Although the benefit of social good and professional recognition can be a motivation; financial profit is often the critical incentive for inventors to conduct vital research. By granting longer terms of patent protection, patentees will have an opportunity to receive royalties for a longer period of time. As more royalties are earned, more money can be invested in funds for future research and development, so researchers and non-profit institutions like Universities and large research labs are enriched by the patents. (VIRGINIA JOURNAL of LAW and TECHNOLOGY 1996)

Now you may ask why so many researchers and scientists adamantly discourage the progression and innovation of revolutionary medical procedures like stem cell treatments. Think of the implications of the unleashing power of stem cell treatments capable of replacing their patented chemical drugs and royalties. There is no doubt that stem cell innovation as an “individual medical treatment” will irrevocably devastate the drug industry, future research funding, and patented royalties, not to mention render most of their prolonged research meaningless. This is something to keep in mind when you hear research scientists saying that autologous stem cell treatments are unproven, dangerous, and justifiably a chemical drug. In truth, there is a significant conflict of interest. We need to expose researchers like yourself Dr. Knoepfler whenever you hear researchers like you trying justify the FDA’s ruling that autologous stem cells is a “drug.” The general public and most news outlets are not aware of researchers’ self interests potentially being jeopardized. Seriously, the repercussion in stalling stem cell treatments in order to line your pockets is despicable. Meanwhile, think about the consequences and affects of patients’ mortality and suffering waiting in the sidelines having the rights to their own stem cells taken away. Dr. Knoepfler, do you currently receive or have received any grants from National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation? And are you attempting to patent any future discoveries? Barbara is not the only one opposing your position on autologous stem cells being a drug. There are many more people, and they are growing in numbers. Believe me, whenever we see another blog or mention that autologous stem cells are unproven and dangerous. We will simply expose your conflict of interests of having these medical procedures progress like any other medical procedure has successfully.

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on August 17, 2012 at 12:56 pm said:
Mr. Salazar, thanks for your comment.
You are, however, completely wrong.
I am in fact an advocate of advancing stem cell treatments and my lab itself does pre-clinical research on adult stem cells so you are way off base.
These paranoid conspiracy theories don’t hold water at all.
Just because one such as myself has an NIH grant does not somehow brand me as being part of some wild conspiracy to slow the clinical applications of stem cells. I also have no interest of any kind of drug companies that have products that might compete with stem cell therapies. I have no patents nor patent applications filed not that I believe that is a problem.
If you read my blog, you’ll see I am one of the strongest advocates out there for advancing safe and effective stem cell treatments.
What you are advocating, to deregulate stem cell therapies, will actually lead to stem cell deaths as has happened in Europe (including a child and a baby) and possibly already here in the U.S.
To my knowledge I have no conflicts of interest of any kind. However, Stem Cell Pioneers sure seems to have one or more (See my latest post). Certainly the for-profit clinics have conflicts of interest.

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on August 17, 2012 at 4:42 pm said:
Albert Salazer obviously has an agenda of his own:

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Just another patient
on August 17, 2012 at 6:02 pm said:
Still you are not the only patients in the race, some of those you attack have been at death’s door and would have welcomed a safe effective stem cell intervention. I certainly would have. In fact some of these scientists have it even worse because they know and see from working with cells and genetics what their future ‘chances’ are. You have been sold a bill of goods and marketed falsely into the poisonous idea that the FDA has stolen choice, it is done the same way in organ trafficking, alternative cancer therapies, sex with minors, paralysed person “cures’s” etc. The profiteers have turned you against good science, the FDA and written on blogs about how everything is money and the establishment is evil, after awhile there is no one you can trust. Now you are conditioned to be harvested and left berefit of material goods.

If it worked for you wonderful…Are you so special just because you have money that you should live and others die because no country or insurance that can accept unvalidated treatments and pay for them, they can not, they would be bankrupt and there would be no healthcare. I have a very close relative and a good friend with COPD, they have no money for stem cells and in fact have to stretch out the oxygen. People need money for end stage disease and if it is wasted by unscrupulous practice they will die a horrible death.

Just imagine the callous disregard for human life when millions are spent on legal and offshore….a fraction of this and an NIH R01 would have provided clinical trials but now there will be the tired untrue refrain that FDA is ruining science and innovation, well nothing significant is happening in the countries with no FDA either I have been checking…not even Russia or China.

They hurl rocks at the FDA for being slow but many have planned out their cell business since the 90′s without an acceptable trial to date. There has been enough carnage and all the meanness will not help stem cells work any faster.

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on August 17, 2012 at 6:12 pm said:
Albert, your understanding of the law article is sketchy. If you do a Google search you will see that Pharma is being taken to task for this and for trying to get their IND given orphan designations which kind of shuts out patients and academics and even clinicians.

Only 10% of those that apply to NIH get an award. The fact that Professor Knopfler chooses to engage with you or any of us, learn our views and be a patient advocate is commendable. NIH grants are not for profit and if you misuse NIH money and commit and are found guilty of scientific or financial misconduct, your career as you knew it is over. If you don’t believe this check the cites for those charged with Scientific misconduct before and about 18 months after. As far as a patent, the institutions mostly have the rights to these and although the inventor gets the name on the page they are not beneficiaries. Check out Lasker award and Noble laureates to see how much their inventions make them and then drill down to the average scientist.

Now start thinking a lot about apologising and saying thank you for the men and women that are at the top 1-3% of the intelligence pyramid and are working for far less than what they are worth while cells for profit over science are making it big over your broken bodies. They were working on stem cells before your clinicians took their first university science class. You think the clinicians know more, well think again.

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Barbara on August 17, 2012 at 2:54 pm said:
http://www.stemcellpioneers.com/showthread.php?t=6120 Mr. Knoepfler, please accept my invitation so that we may continue this discussion with other patients being able to join in.

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on August 17, 2012 at 4:16 pm said:
Thanks for the invite.
Could you answer, please, a simple question right here on this forum: has Stem Cell Pioneers or yourself received any money from clinics or doctors or ICMS?

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Jeannine Richardson
on August 17, 2012 at 4:40 pm said:
I will answer this question. As the co-founder of Stem Cell Pioneers. I can tell you that we have not received any payment for treatments. It might be easy for you to be all high and mighty and drag politics into this but you see, to us it is no laughing matter. We are at end stage COPD and have no recourse other than a transplant or to face certain death. We have both been helped in recent years by receiving treatment and our only purpose is to help others who are in the same dire straits. You can try to turn this into some type of scam if you so wish but I am fully aware of the games played by PhDs and “research”. Personally, I find your comments and behaviors quite unbecoming for a person with your education. We have no hidden agenda. Signed – Jeannine Richardson co-founder Stem Cell Pioneers

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on August 17, 2012 at 5:02 pm said:
Thank you for your comment. I have the utmost respect for patients.
Have you made any money from ICMS? From the post-treatment stem cell packages you sell? From any clinic, not for a treatment, but for talking positively about that clinic on your website?

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on August 17, 2012 at 4:53 pm said:
The discussion is taking place here Barbara. If your folks want in then why couldn’t they come to Paul’s blog? Your request seem very odd.

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on August 17, 2012 at 5:45 pm said:
I just took a peek at the link Barbara posted. A poster by the name of “Bobcat” has a truly strange take on how the world works in this quote: “I don’t think PhD”s have the training needed to make medical decisions for patients. It seems like they are overstepping their boundaries and wanting to call the shots for research, physicians and patients.” Really Bobcat? Wow.

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Amy on August 17, 2012 at 5:52 pm said:
I feel sad for patients because this should not be the battle where the vulnerable are tossed onto the front lines with no tools. Those that are selling the cells have a duty to protect you and not use you as living paying guinea pigs or shields against the FDA. If they cared about you at all they would supply compensation for the failures/side effects and spend money on viable research so these interventions can be funded through your health insurance. They would honor the law and work with the FDA for your good and not drag you through the trauma. They would not sue, defame and threaten scientists, ethicists, or those that disagree with their tactics instead they would do the appropriate research and their results would speak louder than any words.

To all, let the patients be patients and care for them. Exposing them to your battles brings stress and chronic inflammation. These are enemies of healing and thinking. Please do the research and let your evidence speak with a clear voice by producing the data, methods and ethics without reproach.

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Barbara on August 18, 2012 at 9:23 am said:
Paul and others – I often wonder why those who want to attack or make rude comments post anonymously. I know that you have either removed or not posted every single comment that was made here. I don’t want this conversation to be censored and therefore will once again ask if you would like to host a Q and A session on the Stem Cell Pioneers forum. That seems reasonable to me as we do not censor or modify any of the questions asked and will promise not to censor any of your answers. It almost sounds as if you want the last 10 years of our tax returns. That has a familiar ring to it. I can tell you that neither of us takes a salary and never have. Our small SeaChange operation helps defray the costs of our server, Google ads and the like. Sorry, but you are way off base if you think we make or take money for what we do.

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on August 18, 2012 at 10:06 am said:
Your SeaChange operation is by definition a conflict of interest because you are selling a product to patients getting stem cell treatments. Many patients can ill afford to spend hundreds of dollars on such supplements which have no scientific basis to suggest they are helpful to anyone.

Otherwise, I ask again simply (no interest in 10 years of taxes), do you receive or have you received payments of any kind (whether are called salary or something else) from clinics, doctors, ICMS, or other individuals linked to stem cell for-profit endeavors? Pretty simple to say “yes” or “no”.

If “no”, then I’d be very interested, if you are willing, in your sharing why you have gone from anti-clinic 4 years ago to so pro-clinic now?

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Barbara on August 18, 2012 at 11:23 am said:
Paul – No one is asked to purchase anything from our site. We don’t endorse clinics. In fact our rule is that no website links or phone numbers can be used in posts except in the promotional or Ask the Doctor section. We did pay a PhD to test one of our products. He is also a tenured professor. Instead of giving us the published results he promised, we got nothing in return for financing the protocol. He basically took our money and pocketed it. He claimed to be one of those top achievers that someone commented on.
I was asked to serve on an IRB for ICMS, however, I have not yet attended a meeting or had any involvement except for stating I would accept the offer. I believe the FDA recommended that a patient or two sit on the IRB. I was never offered any money by ICMS nor would I accept any.
We used to allow sponsors to put a link on the forum for a small donation, but discontinued that a couple of years ago. One of our beloved members died and her husband donated the proceeds from the sale of her portable oxygen unit to our forum. We have left the tribute link up for her and would have gladly done so without the donation. We also have another forum for COPD. Maybe, you have visited that one as well. We take no pay and spend an enormous amount of time researching, corresponding with doctors, researchers, clinic owners, the media, patients, etc. We even encourage patients to contact the FDA if they have questions or complaints about a clinic operation in the U.S.
You seem to be confused as to what our forum is about. We have always been pro stem cell therapy and pro clinic as that is where one goes to get stem cell therapy. I think you may have our site confused with some other site. We advocate for safe treatment and are not reluctant to post negative information as well as positive. Ours is a forum for discussion and support for patients who have had stem cell treatment or are thinking of having stem cell treatment. Wherever you got the idea that we are anti clinic, you are simply not correct in that assumption. We also do not claim to be a 501c3 non profit. Selling supplements hardly qualifies as a conflict of interest. I have seen many other blogs and forums with all types of ads on them. Membership is not restricted. No one pays to become a member and no one is forced to purchase anything, so what’s your beef?
What has happened lately in the media and other sites where discussion takes place is disrespectful to patients. The jubilation at the judge’s ruling in the Regenerative Sciences case, the negative attitude from some stem cell researchers about Texas and its medical board’s green light for clinics there makes it obvious to most patients that the agenda is not one of compromise or empathy or protection for patients. The media refuses to vet those that claim to be spoke persons. We are simply fed up with that.

Aren’t any of you even curious as to how patients are faring after getting treatment? You all come across as intent on shutting down all clinics. The rude comments on this site alone by anonymous posters and the mocking of what a member of my forum said is the reason that I extended an invitation to you to host a Q and A session on the Stem Cell Pioneer forum. It’s obvious that the intentions of some on here are to belittle, mock, disparage and not engage in any type of meaningful discussion where real solutions can be put on the table. I don’t know of any patient that is asking that embryonic stem cell or iPS cell therapy be a routine procedure and the practice of medicine. We are asking only that we be allowed to use our own stem cells in treatments that are clinically relevant.
You have worked hard and will for years. You have risen to a point where I am sure it is easier for you to get funding. You have a vested interest in staying the course with the work you do. To suddenly switch and start researching the type of stem cell treatment we want access to is not feasible and no one is asking you or anyone else to do so. What we are asking is for you to quit “protecting us”. This War On Patients must stop.

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Barbara on August 18, 2012 at 11:29 am said:
Reading your last comment, I should have added that my own doctor recommends some of the supplements we sell on our SeaChange site. He is an MD and recommends the use of many of these supplements for my COPD. Your stance is typical of those that would prefer that the FDA regulate supplements. No one is forced or encouraged to purchase any supplements. Believe it or not, patients are not brainless. They can make informed decisions. I believe there is good evidence and much research that has been published on many of the supplements sold on our site. Your research on the other hand, has so far not helped any human that I am aware of.

Jeannine Richardson on August 18, 2012 at 3:02 pm said:
Quite frankly professor Knoepfler what ever we choose to do is none of your business. You profit from the endless research funding in exchange for a few peer review papers or maybe a speaking engagement at a conference or two. I see no reason for you to complain about what we do when we are the ones who are suffering while you continue receiving your funding. How much of a salary have you been receiving while working on the stem cell research? Personal compensation is ok for you but we aren’t allowed to have a business?

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New member
God owns us

I believe in God just like our government believes in God. They say it all the time , "God bless America""! It's on our money, " In god we trust" .
Governments and researchers have stolen from God what does not belong to them and must return to God what belongs to God.

Now , If I remember right,the holy Bible said Man was created by God.
therefore God owns all humans , every single cell. God entrusted every person to care for their bodies , so everyone is trustee for God for their own bodies including all stem cells.

I think this should be challenged all the way to the Supreme court.
Any Church could claim as trustee for God his absolute ownership. This would invalidate all Patents. It would go much further then this , (Blood )
Organ transplants etc.


I remember that back and forth. I think that was the last time I participated on Paul Knoepfler's blog. I vowed never to participate in his blog in order to avoid entertaining their ridiculous unfounded remarks of autologous stem cells being harmful and dangerous. The exchange made patients sound unworthy and desperate to make any decisions on their own for SCTs.

I guess the truth hurts. The facts are crystal clear. The viscous circle of millions being funneled to universities and researchers through patents and government grants has grown astronomically in the past 30 years. It is unfortunate that those in the NIH loop are too scared to appose the NIH’s gravy train. Researchers that dare appose would ultimately devastate themselves financially, so all we get from the general media and blogs are those researchers filtered through to defend the FDA's position. Well, we at www.patientsforstemcells.org know the real truth, and we will continue to expose the truth about autologous stem cell treatments and how it is unjustly being targeted by them. Whenever we see Paul Knoepfler or others being used as sources to claim that autologous stem cell treatments are harmful, we will challenge them to produce legitimate evidence like research publications. To this date, they have not.
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New member
Sorry for this very belated comment.
Barbara, Bobcat's mom, and alg - y'all are brilliant!

I thing a major reason why the fork-tongued pro's have felt so threatened as to shoot out their poisoned quills is proportional to the level of Barbara's professional dialogue and knowledge. Otherwise, they'd just have a good laugh and ignore it.

Barbara is wonderful for having persevered so many years against smear-campaign rocks on one side, and scam-hard places on the other side.

As for Bobcat's post about "being too smart to have common sense" - how true.

I once heard someone on radio discussing how the medical curriculum has been nefariously set up in such a way as to practically program students, such that the factual side of their brains becomes way more dominant than the emotional side. So you have to be a very great personality indeed, to withstand such programming, and come out of it retaining empathy.

P.S. I'm only sorry I didn't brush the surface of info. available on here, and elsewhere, due to getting blurry eyed and electroshocked from computers. 20 years ago, I might have pulled it off, but now in my mid-50s, I'm like an 80 yr.old or worse. I'm even more sorry I don't have easy access to stem cell therapy for all my extreme conditions, no thanks to the Bush-induced ban plus the cycle of university grants and drug-barons. :mad: