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    I remember early 2009 when bea and I went to Tampa fro her stem cell treatment. This was a twofold trip because my dad had just passed away. Bea felt great and did not use her oxygen much, even while cleaning my dad's trailer. Bea was a real work horse !! Later in the year around July 4th...
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    Remembering Bea

    Thinking about my beloved Bea and her early departure from this earth I was happy to have been married to her for twelve years and I am thank-ful for stem cells for imnproving her quality of life. I know I will see her again in heaven and until then I am going through the motions here on earth.
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    Thank you for all the support you have given me after Bea's passing. I am happy to announce that I am engaged and will get married in August 2010. I am moving to a new home becuase this house has too many memories for me.
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    Stem cell supportive

    My late wife, Bea, was truly helped by her stem cell treatments and I believe this is the way to go. Even though at the present time my health is great, I will continue to support stem cells in memory of my wife.