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    :(I would like to ask everyone what their opinion on nebulization is, juntil recently i have not had to nebulize but now i find i have to because of the tightness i feel and not being able to breatrhe despite being on ocygen. is this a normal thing for copd patients? if so how often because my...
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    call for help

    dear all:. i have been on this forum for quite some time now. i suffer from copd/emphysema and was living ok with it for 5 years until i got pneumonia early this year and now i have to live with O2 almost 24/7. i have lost everything and have no family exceot a cruel uncle who placed me in a...
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    stem cell hospital in the philippines

    Check out the following website. Looks very modern and well-equipped. I don't know who the doctors are though.
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    Have any of you heard of Yamoa - it's an herbal medication said to be good for respiratory diseases. it has its own website, you can check it out. i tried postingin copd living but it didnt appear there. i think the more we learn about alternative treatments the better. thanks:rolleyes:
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    Stem cell pioneer in the philippines

    Many people dont think there are stem cell therapies in the Phils and rightly so, because there seems to be only one doctor, Samuel Bernal, who has what i believe to be the best technology. He is quite expensive they say and I will see what her has to say about my case. If you google...
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    I have been on O2 for the past 2 weeks after my hospitalization and i want to get back to the way i was before, meaning no O2. have any of you had this expewrience and were able to get off it and get better without the stem cells or once you get on it is it for life? I havent been able to get my...
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    Spain's pionering work

    For all those who may not have seen this: SPAIN, IGNORING USELESS EMBRYONICS, LEADS THE WORLD IN STEM CELL ORGAN TRANSPLANTS Working with Minnesota?s Dr. Doris Taylor, the western world?s only true stem cell pioneer, it is now possible to rescue organs from the trash heap and make them suitable...
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    First of all, I would like to state that tho i;m still not on O2, I am terrified of this disease and what it's doing to my body. Am losing muscle mass and my extremities are thinning away. I am afraid to do exercise tho I try. Since i've been semi-laid off it;s worse, staying home will kill me...
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    I want to know how a COPD patient deals with going to the dentist. I haven't been to one since I was diagnosed in 2006, so I don't know how I'll be able to handle breathing while having my mouth open for a long time. Any inputs or pointers? I really appreciate it.
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    Hello everyone. I was just wondering what you think about Homeopathy, whether any of you have tried it and if it yielded any good results. Many call it quackery but many people I know have said it's worked for them. There's this homeopath doctor who says he can treat my COPD. I really don't know...
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    lung article

    Please tell me what yuou think of this article. Thank you.
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    Heart condition

    Hello to all, and thanks to Stem cell pioneers for greeting me on my birthday, Nov. 15. Unfortunately on that day I was in hospital. I was admitted on the 13th for my palpitations which go up to 150. The doctor was alarmed by this and from something he saw in my 2D echocardiogram so he scheduled...
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    Message from Dr. Bill

    I just received this email from Dr. Bill Paspaliaris. Dear Carmen, Have a read of the following. Regards, Bill
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    AdiStem Laser Activation The adipose-derived cell population isolated is activated by irradiating the cells with the Adistem Laser, which has certain frequencies of wavelengths in the visible light spectrum (400-1200nm) to stimulate growth and differentiation of stem cells. Light irradiation or...
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    Hello all! I want to know if any of you have ever tried the Buteyko breathing method. Jac Vidgen regularly visits Manila - he's based in Asia, I think Thailand, and he keeps inviting me to a series of breathing lessons which he says is very good for emphysema. I'd like to know if any you have...
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    Dr. Bill

    Hello to everyone. Please take a look at this video by clicking on: This is the work being done by Adistem, my doctor Bill Paspaliaris. Thanks.
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    Swimming as exercise

    I would like to know if any of you with COPD have taken up swimming as a sport. Since most COPD patients gasp just being in the shower, I was wondering whether swimming would be a good idea for us. My doctor said it would be good exercise, but he's not somebody whose word I trust. he also said...
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    Website on adipose-derived stem cells

    Dear everyone: I am a junior member of this wonderful forum and have been talking to Barbara and a few other members. But I would like to share with everyone my recent experiences in my battle with my emphysema which I was alarmed to know from my pulmonologist recently is in stage 3. I am not...
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    Dr. Bill Paliasparis

    Good day to all: I met Dr. Bil Paspaliaris few months ago, he is an australian doctor and he has clinics here and in Australia and is starting in other asian countries as well. I will give you all his email address: [email] I live here in Manila, Philippines and he works with...