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    No hope for Internal Scarring & Varicose

    Just so nobody should have false hope: I've recently come to learn (and VERY depressed about it) that while our lovely system addresses "easy" conditions such as: Bones Ligaments Tendons The system ignores: Venous insufficiency Internal scar tissue (and I may well have neuropathy intertwined...
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    Possible borderline Sjogrens Syndrome

    I have possible borderline Sjogrens Syndrome as posted elsewhere this forum: Which begs the question - why stem cell clinics are also so exclusive - recognizing illnesses such...
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    Medi.transparency? Zero, like Govt.

    Funny how everyone SHRIEKS for transparency from Govt. (as happened with the NSA scandal yada yada) Ditto with banksters... Yet how is the vaunted "medical" system different from Govt. insofar as Transparency? (1) Do either of them really disclose fully the true costs for which they collect...
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    question to those with MS

    What percentage of MS patients have had intense and prolonged exposure to Powerful computers (or other such equipment) prior to onset of their MS as well as prolonged bright lites at work (such as Walmart. I know of Walmart employees complaining about feeling ill from the bright lites). In a...
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    guess we're already acquainted

    Hi, Barbara, I guess we're already acquainted from the facebook group :cool: Prior to joining here, I clicked the contact link connected to this forum, to explain to you that I'd like to ask questions of the most appropriate doctor, ones which for the longest time have not been addressed...