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    Does Nebulized PRP work

    Barb; I was reading where they take blood plasma, enrich it, add saline and have patients nebulize it and it helps lungs. Is there anybody who tried this?
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    A lot of Hope

    Barb; hyaluronan or hyaluronic acid in high not low molecular weight helps in flare up and there are trials to see if it stops emphysema in lungs going on right now. They are ( I have...
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    Why no NIH trial for inhaled resveratrol

    Read this first, what I can not understand, why aren't there any trials on humans for this with all the good things resveratrol has done. I feel inhaled resveratrol might be great.
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    Seems FDA now wants to control and make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Barb; Read this article a seems like great news for stem cell labs, but it seems FDA which didn't want to touch stem cells now want in on the programs. The article is God bless
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    best news in long time

    Barb; Feb 28 Science Dailey has article about how they found stem cells that repair different parts of lungs. Great read. God bless
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    Why not use the best???

    Barb; Not that I can afford it but if most would research they would find that Ultibro Breezhaler is probably the best inhaler for COPD there is a new article in LUNG NEWS about how it helps the heart google( Breezhaler and heart) but to me they have done many trials and it also raises fev1 the...
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    1/3 liter a lot

    Barb; this test shows that 6 mg gives .35 liter improvements in fev1 hope they don't take forever to approve ( its a good read. God bless
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    Best news ever for ipf

    For people with IPF there is a new drug that stops IPF in it's tracks and even brings back lung FVC. Look up GLPG1690 and read results my only hope is they hurry up and get it on market. God bless
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    Don't trust FDA

    Barb; Seems funny on COPD Foundation website they in their drug pipeline talk about three new drugs, CHF6297 a MAP Kinase p38 inhibitor, GS 5745 a MMP9 inhibitor, and GSK2269557 a PK13 inhibitor. All are in trials, but what I can't understand is they had a new drug coming out Solithromycin it...
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    alliance man first to get stem cells for cf

    Bar; A good read, google Alliance man first to get stem cells for cystic fibrosis in USA. You could have told them this years ago.
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    New Stem Cells for Heart

    Barb; I realize this isn't about lungs, the best part is the advancement of stem cells. This research is truly amazing, and I'm sure it will be applied to the lungs. Take a little time and google Timothy Henry at Tedx Grand Forks its on youtube. A lot of the stuff you already are aware of like...
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    VC-01 for type 1 diabetes

    Barb; interesting things with stem cells and diabetes google Viacyte VC-01 they found that stem cells placed under skin can help cure type 1 diabetes and maybe help with type 2 diabetes. There is a trial presently recruiting in San Diego and Alberta Canada.God bless
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    How long to get this??

    Barb; this is the new COPD drug in trials. Its Daliresp with a pde3 inhibitor. Here is a good read I just like to know how long before market.
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    Check this out!!!!!

    Barb; New drug to wait for God bless
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    Healthcare insurance lossing money??????

    Barb; In my state Pennsylvania, Aetna, and United Health both pulled out claiming losing money. This article tells the truth about Obama care. the site is, this tel how bad it is. Huh!!!!!! God bless
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    Remember if we get Clintons single payer

    Barb; this is what happens when we have socialized medicine, its the same all over Europe. It is possible to get Copd drugs we get but many have to be paid out of own pocket. This is a pure sin
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    This medicine is on fda fast track

    Barb; This med is on fast track and will be out later this year, it is also in trials for Copd phase2 you can google solithromycin or go to ( this will at least help for flare ups because I guess you can't get resistant against it. God bless
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    What's new?

    Barb; This article tells me that as far as drugs that help but don't cure have come as far as they can and the next step would have to cure, they don't want to lose money so they pause to collect their blood money. The trials at Johns Hopkins that showed that losartan and other arbs slow...
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    muscle wasting and copd

    Barb; I have had a little trouble myself with becoming weaker as I age and with a side effect of copd. There is a new drug being fast tracked to help with muscle wasting, it's called bimagrumab this drug really works with no side effects. You can read about it at...
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    This helps me breathe

    Barb; started to get short winded and I look up this old article that helped before. The website is one of the exercises that helps a lot of people and not only copd patients. The last exercise chest excursion which wakes up intercostal muscles that we...