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    In support of J.Zeigler's comment on "The Niche"

    HELLO FOLKS !! I JUST POSTED THIS on "THE NICHE" to support our J.Zeigler's comment on "" @WST On your statement below... ""Moreover, when you take out patient funding, it removes my concern that...
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    Alexey Bersenev and his views on his own blog-Stem Cell Assays

    Stem cell patients have known Alexey Bersenev and his blog "Stem Cell Assays" for some time now. Alexey and the other academic shills have had many heated arguments previously on twitter with stem cell patients who are fighting for the right to be treated with their own stem cells. Alexey also...
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    Another The Niche comment Axed

    I posted one comment this morning on It was simple, to the point and nothing bad. It was promptly Axed by the niche. I posted a second comment along the lines of my first...
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    The Niche didnt post my comment

    In response to the blogpost I posted in the comments section and was censored for no reason other than for telling the truth as I see it. (I have the comment screenshot, if you want me to...