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    HTML Code is off

    I am new to the forum and I am having trouble accessing websites while viewing the dialogs. I notice that my settings show "HTML code is off." How do I turn this on?
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    Flying with oxygen

    By way of background, my husband was first diagnosed with emphysema in 1999 and has been on oxygen ever since. Initially, he used it at mostly at night, and didn't need it if we travelled or went out. Increasingly thru the years, he is on O2 24/7, with his flow rate now up to 6-7 L. Extremely...
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    Curious about severity of COPD cases treated

    I have recently signed onto the StemCell Pioneers site and know very little about the topic of stem cell therapy. My husband has advanced stage COPD: lung function around 12%, O2 currently 6-7 lpm. He has a great deal of difficulty getting around; can get from room to room but takes him...