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    Autism and Autologous cord blood stem cells

    Interesting news from Dukes;jsessionid=35EB3E30D9372D8417ACA3806E3C46FA.f02t02
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    Cerebral Palsy and Umbilical cord cells

    This is from an Australian article about the future of stem cell treatment for CP in Australia. They have approval for the clinical trial but not enough finance yet to carry out the research.We hope soon! As usual they discourage everyone from going overseas for stem cell treatment...
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    RNL BIO and CP clinical trials

    This is news from Korea. RNL BIO is going to do Phase 2 and 3 for CP using their stem cell called ASTROSTEM. Wait to hear the results. RNL BIO files new stem cell drug IND with KFDA to initiate phase II and III cerebral palsy trials Published on February 11, 2013 at 12:02 AM · Sharein RNL BIO...
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    Stem cell discovered for Higher Brain Function

    This is an interesting discovery by Scripps and may be helpful in the future treatment of Autism and Schizophrenia. Stem cells responsible for higher brain function found 19:00 09 August 2012...
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    Diabetic drug used to promote neurogenesis

    This is good research into brain neurogenesis using existing endogenous stem cells in the brain. TORONTO -- A drug commonly used to control Type 2 diabetes can help trigger stem cells to produce new brain cells, providing hope of a potential means to treat brain injuries and even...
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    Girl saved by stem cells after Bone Marrow transplant

    This is a happy story of a young girl with Leukaemia . She developed a reaction to the Bone Marrow transplant. Osiris stem cell product saved her. NEW ORLEANS - She was only in kindergarten when doctors gave her family the bad news. Now she's one of the first in Louisiana to try a new treatment...
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    Premature babies and Dr Thebaud

    This is good news for all premature babies born with lung disorders. OTTAWA — Dr. Bernard Thebaud believes he can use the “healing juices” from stem cells — the much ballyhooed future of modern medicine — to rejuvenate the lungs of premature babies. The renowned neonatologist and scientist...
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    Pluristem stem cells saves Girl

    This is such a happy outcome for this girl with Aplastic Anemia. Pluristem stem cells save girl's life Prof. Or: The results of this unique case indicate that PLX cells may be effective in treating other diseases that affect the bone marrow. 9 May 12 15:53, Globes correspondent inShare3...
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    Former Stem cell clinic XCELL now opened in Lebanon

    Please read this link about a news report regarding the former Stem cell clinic XCELL. They have started treating patients in Lebanon. I am adding the article in case the link is lost at...
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    Opera for the mice !

    This is a study on mice and organ transplantation. They tried music, various types to see if it makes a difference on the heart transplantation. See link.
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    Monkeys with Parkinsons Disease treated with Stem cells

    The research shows that symptoms of PD can be improved with stem cells. They were injected into the brain.
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    Alzheimer's and stemcells from skin

    Have a read about stem cells from the skin which develops into Alzheimer's. The cells are from Downs Syndrome Donors.
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    Cord blood for hearing loss

    This is Phase 1 clinical trial for young children who have hearing loss. They are going to use Autologous cord blood. See link. Hurrah! I hope they will use allogenic cord...
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    Medistem's ERC, Russian trial for Heart Failure

    Medistem has approval for a clinical trial using their Endometrial stem cells in Russia. It is for Cardiac Failure. See link.
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    Stems cells and Aging

    Here is a recent research on stem cells and aging. It was tested in mice only not humans.
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    Benefits of Fish oil

    This is an interesting research on Fish oil and Leukaemia. See link. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
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    Spinal cord injury treated with Stem cells

    This is about a young lady who was treated with stem cells for her spinal cord injury in November.These were cells developed by Geron. Here is the link.
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    Clinical Trial for MS in the UK

    A clinical trial is going to start for MS in the UK. They are going to recruit 80 patients.They will use Autologous Bone Marrow stem cells.Have a read.
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    Stem cells show abnormalities

    This is a link to a study of stem cells that can develop abnormalities if grown over months.
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    Embryonic like stem cells in Breast Milk

    Hi, This is good research into stem cells in breast milk. The stem cells in the breast milk may bring alot of good for the babies.