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    What's Going On In Your Area?

    I am also reading articles lately, been spending a lot of time online since this pandemic
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    What's Going On In Your Area?

    cases in California have skyrocketed after weeks of low transmission rates and loosened restrictions, it has now daily case rates doubling over the last 10 days. a travel advisory was issued last week asking that all Californians cancel out-of-state travel, so there goes the Thanksgiving...
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    Can Stem Cells Beat COVID-19

    A number of medicines are currently used for the treatment of COVID-19 disease while these treatments can improve patient's recovery and survival, it does not lead to the unequivocal restoration of the lung damage inflicted by this disease. Can Stem Cell therapy regenerate the lung damage caused...
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    Strength Building Exercises for Older Adults

    12 best equipment-free exercises to get you started, build strength and feel young: 1. Lying Hip Bridges 2. Squats to Chair 3. Wall Push-Ups 4. Side-Lying Circles 5. Quadruped Opposite Arm and Leg Balance 6. Deadbugs 7. Side Planks 8. Wall Angels 9. Wall Slides 10. Pec Stretches
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    Healthcare worker recovers from coronavirus with help of stem cells

    That's good news, i hope this works well with the other patients too
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    Difference Between Adult Stem Cells And Embryonic Stem Cells?

    ESC can be grown easily in culture that's why it is often used
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    Difference Between Adult Stem Cells And Embryonic Stem Cells?

    What are the differences between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells? Why not use adult stem cells instead of using human embryonic stem cells in research?
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    What home remedies can help with a runny nose?

    Yes, I do that too. really effective!
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    lung transplant save damaged lungs

    That is saddening, but I pray and wish you wellness.
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    Where is Barbara?

    Be strong Barbara, you are great and thank you for everything that you do.
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    UAE stem cell therapy for coronavirus treats over 2000 patients, 1200 fully recover

    Wow good for its people, lucky they are to have the best government
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    A Cardiologist's Diet Built for Improving Cholesterol

    Thank you for sharing. This is worth reading and applying to our daily lives especially to those who have high cholesterol.
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    Exercise after the age of 60 may prevent heart disease, stroke

    Yes, light exercises must be done by the seniors but the most important thing also is to make sure that they only eat healthy food. My dad had a mild attack due to high cholesterol. He loved eating meats and more carbs like rice and that led him to having high level of bad cholesterol. He is now...
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    COVID-19 Median Incubation Period Estimated at 5.1 Days

    covid 19 please get lost! you are even weakening the weak...
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    How stem cells repair damage from heart attacks

    thanks for the thread. great awareness!!! informative and helpful.
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    Stress really does turn your hair grey

    thank you it's worth reading!
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    First pain treatment using human stem cells developed

    good to hear about that! Are stem cells expensive?
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    Stem Cells and Coronavirus?

    Thanks for this... it's a very informative and helpful thread.