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    Seattle Company Figure Out B Cells can regulate Stem Cell Differentiation

    Awhile back I recall reading that a Seattle company figured out that the body looses its ability to grow tissues as you age because stem cells loose their ability to differentiate. This same company figured out a method of using "B Cells" to reactivate the differentiation process in aging...
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    NAC -- Friend or Foe?

    The following article in Science Daily indicates that NAC has shown to cause pulmonary hypertension in mice, and I am wondering if this article is relevant to humans The original research was done at the University of Virginia. Like...
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    COPD Clinical Trials -- Stempeutics finishes phase II enrollment

    Stempeutics has moved from Phase I/II to Phase II clinical trials in Bangalore, with their Allogenic Mesenchymal Stem cells. Results of Phase II should be published in 2014. This treatment has already proven effective in repairing lungs for transplant, and Stempeutics will be the first company...
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    Affordable Care Act Bring Big Trouble

    The Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed in its entirety. There are too many problems with it to mention them all here, but here are some of the things I have found: 1) Raises premiums by 65% with no appreciable benefit. 2) State will lien your heirs, and take your house, if you don't make...
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    Mail Order Pharmacies -- the good, the bad, and the ugly

    Earlier in the year, I purchased a 90 day supply of a medication from Costco Mail Order PHarmacy. I was impressed by the fact that they emailed me notifications, for every step of the process, including pricing in advance, delays with the order, etc. Additionally they were quite responsive to...
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    Potential Cure for Hiv Disease

    A team at the University of Minnesota is using umbilical cord and stem cells, as part of a cure strategy :D
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    Azithromycin - Risk of Potentially Fatal Heart Rythms

    Azithromycin (Zithromax or Zmax): Drug Safety Communication - Risk of Potentially Fatal Heart Rhythms AUDIENCE: Family Practice, Patient, Pharmacy, Health Professional ISSUE: FDA is warning the public that azithromycin (Zithromax or Zmax) can cause abnormal changes in the electrical activity...
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    Help for Mytochondrial Diseases

    Uridine Triacetate is now legally available in the US. This drug converts to Triacetyluridine, which has more than 30 years of clinical experience, and clinically proven to prevent neurological damage in Huntington's patients, and also clinically proven to treat and reverse mytochondrial...
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    Remylenation Technique Now Available

    A company called Endece has developed a stem cell technique that remylenates. More information may be found at The company is enrolling patients in a trial at Case Western University. :)
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    Peak Flow Meters -- Cheap Diagnostics

    Save your money on spirometry and get yourself a full range peak flow meter by Respironics, with color coding. This is good for emphysema patients as well as asthmatics with COPD. An online review of peak flow meters suggest that the Respironics full range peak flow meter is among the best and...
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    AVOID Alfalfa Pellets/Pills

    NOW brand, and a number of other dietary supplement makers market Alfalfa pellets. On the surface this might seem safe, since Alfalfa contains a generous amount of Vitamin K, and other minerals. But all Alfalfa contains L-Canasine, a highly toxic compound, that is bone marrow suppressive...
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    Wallmart bails on Affordable Care Act

    See! I told you so. And now Walmart joints the legions of companies, who have decided to stick US taxpayer with the bill. :eek:
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    URGENT -- New Legislation Introduced for Healthcare Reform

    Earlier today I was advised by staff in Congressman Jim McDermott's Office, that McDermott has introduced legislation that would make medical education free to primary care doctors. This is important piece of legislation and offers significant potential in reducing the cost of health care, and...
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    Get a Face Lift With Stem Cells

    They say it only last a year in some cases, but you don't have to go under the knife, and no face peal
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    30 Slots Open in India for COPD study

    There are 30 slots open in India for a COPD study. If someone is able to get two slots, I would like one of them. Contact information for the companies sponsoring the trials is easy to find :D
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    COPD Study

    The Boston Early-Onset COPD study is starting up. If you would like to participate in the study, contact 1-866-328-9494. :D
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    Stem Cells can Grow Red Blood Cells

    Study Uses Stem Cells to Boost Red Blood Cell Production HealthDayHealthDay – 3 hrs ago -------------------------------------------------------------- TUESDAY, Aug. 7 (HealthDay News) -- Using human stem cells, scientists have developed methods to boost the production of red blood cells...
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    Tesamorelin Now Legally Available in the US

    Tesamorelin was approved in November 2010 and is now legally available in the US. The drug has to be injected into the stomach. Although the drug wasn't tested or approved as a lung remedy, there is various medical authority that suggests that lung improvement is one of the single biggest...
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    Phase II Stem Cell Trial Now Enrolling at Major Indian Hospitals

    A Phase II clinical trial that utilizes stem cells is now enrolling at two major Indian Hospitals. The trial sites are Bangalore and Manipal. This trial is in Phase II, and well worth pursuing. Interestingly these places are heavily regulated...
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    PERSEUS is a new medical search engine

    Reprinted from The Targum -------------------------- For patients who seek medical advice online, Google may soon prove to be outdated. Am?lie Marian, a University computer science assistant professor, and No?mie Elhadad, a biomedical...