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    Success in Corneal Blindness with Stem Cells

    This is a good article.
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    60 Minutes Resveratrol Story;header
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    Researchers induce formation of new blood vessels using stem cells from bone marrow

    Researchers induce formation of new blood vessels using stem cells from bone marrow
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    Excellent Article regarding Autologous Cells

    This is a great article:
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    My letter to the President

    This will go out in tomorrow's mail. I had already sent two comments via email in the past 3 weeks; but this one is going snail mail. May 4, 2009 Mr. President, An article published online on April 28, 2009 in the journal, Public Library of Science Medicine (PLoS Medicine), estimates...
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    And yet ANOTHER ridiculous FDA rule

    Law Firm IT The view from the server room. Sunday, May 03, 2009 FDA Rule on Appying Windows Patches on Medical Devices Could Put Human Life at Risk One of the scariest uses of Windows OS is that it is installed on medical devices. As a result, every piece of malware coming down the pike can...
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    The FDA and Obama

    At the Injury website, under the topic Major Medical and FDA & Prescription drugs, you will find this article. Why do the allegations in this piece not surprise me? And further; why does it not surprise me that the FDA attorneys handled it the way they did? OBAMA ASKED TO ENSURE...
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    Safer Lung Imaging approved by FDA

    Check out this site!!! So much better than all those xrays and CTs.
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    Great news for MS

    A good news read:
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    Baby steps and puddle jumps......

    Ok......I didn't want to share this until I was sure it wasn't just a one or two or three time thing. But.......normally, when I'd go down stairs to exercise on the treadmill (always done with O2), I would get tired after about two laps (1/2 mile)---sometimes less, and have to stop and rest for...
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    I just got back from my regular doctor. It was a follow up appointment because my right eye ONLY---waters up. I was supposed to go see an ophthalmologist but forgot. She said she wanted to "take a listen of my heart and lungs". She did. She said nothing. So, anyway, she asked me what...
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    Please pray...

    My younger sister just went through carotid artery surgery yesterday for 90% blockage and came through it well. But today, I found out that my older sister was in the hospital to have an anurism operated on and is in a coma. The doctors say the next 4 or 5 days are critical as to her outcome...
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    Take care...

    I am posting this to let Tony in Dallas and the rest of any of our members that may be in the path of hurricane Ike, that I am thinking of them and praying for them.
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    Step 1 and Step 2

    For those of you who have had the stem cell therapy--- Step 1 would be an x-ray, a report, a CT scan or Pulmonary Function Test, perhaps. Ones that were done PRE-stem cell therapy. Step 2 would be a second one of these types of testing done POST stem cell therapy. I know some of...
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    Member status.

    In going thru the member list, I see there are different types of members. Pioneer Member, Founding Pioneer member, Member, Junior Member and Senior Member. What determines the member status? Also, have all Founding Pioneer members had the stem cell treatment, or were they the first to use...
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    Low SAT levels

    Barb and Jeannine---In your book you mentioned that sometime after your therapy that you didn't feel SOB at all. You said you felt fine. Yet when you took your SAT readings they were really low!!! Have you ever asked any of the doctors you've dealt with, what exactly may cause this strange...
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    The Book is Awesome!!!!

    Barb and Jeannine, Yes, after 3 or 4 nights of reading your book; sometimes so carried away with reading that I hadn't realized I had read for 2 or more hours; I have to tell you how very helpful the different things in the book were to me. Reading all those e-mails between you...
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    Well, what do ya know??? Sounds like Mr. Bush has decided that funding for stem cell research (not involving embryo cells) is ok!!! Nice of him to wake up and smell the coffee!!!
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    "PRE"-Stem Cell Therapy

    I have not had my therapy yet and therefore like to hear about other's experiences. I am also curious as to everyone else PRE-therapy health condition. I showed mine in a previous post under the Pulmonary section with the title 'three month update'. But I will copy and paste it here. I...
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    As I am new here, I find I love to browse the forum.....I learn a lot that way and find interesting things. I've noticed in some of the posts that "supplements" and diets are mentioned. Is this something that we learn about after we get stem cell treatment? Is it mentioned in your Stem Cell...