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    Zannos-Grekos update
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    ICMS Update
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    Salt cave

    I just recently became aware that they have one of these Salt caves here in town and wonder if anyone has had any experience with them that would care to share. Is this something that a person with severe COPD would be able to tolerate?
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    Doctor restricted after patient reportedly dies from in-office stem cell procedure

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    First Patient Treated in Geron Stem Cell Trial
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    Won't Let Stem Cell Money

    Judge Won't Let Stem Cell Money Keep Flowing Published September 07, 2010 | Associated Press * Print * Email * Share * Comments (10) * * Text Size WASHINGTON -- A federal judge has turned down the Justice Department's request to temporarily delay his order...
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    Hydrogen Peroxide therapy

    Has anyone had any experience with the this... The infusion lasts ninety minutes. You will notice a warm feeling during treatment, not much more. The main effect of hydrogen peroxide infusions is that you regain your health through the increased ability of your blood to carry a high...
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    Stem cell treatment Costa Rica

    Just got off the phone with a friend in Venice, FL. who went to Costa Rica with a family member to have some dental work done. What would have cost $20,000.00 here cost $2,500.00 there and he and the patient were thrilled with the facility, DDS and the final product. They traveled via American...
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    Barbara, I have read your two most recent interviews as well your posts on your site. Both you and Jeannine should be commended for the time and effort you both have dedicated to this most worthy cause. It always takes someone to step forward to undertake this arduous job and I am glad we have...
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    New COPD medication

    This came to me via the COPD living forum... Not sure if this is a different drug than the others that are in the pipeline for COPD. In either case, let's hope it doesn't take years to become available. QAB149 improves lung function and reduces breathlessness compared to tiotropium in...
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    Willards Water

    A friend who is a massage therapist told me about Willard's Water and the 0/2 it carries into your system. Has anyone here had any experience with this product?
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    Roflumilast for COPD

    Found this Article dated 08-30-09... Sounds promising. Four Studies Published In The Lancet Show Roflumilast (Daxas(R)), A New Oral Approach To COPD, Improves Lung Function And Reduces Exacerbations Main Category: COPD Also Included In: Clinical Trials / Drug Trials; Respiratory / Asthma...
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    Last in 1st out.

    Is there a way that when one goes to a link that it would read the last comment 1st. as opposed to seeing the first comment listed? Txs, JH
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    EBV Pulmonx

    I sent an inquiry to Pulmonx about the EBV procedure and received the following. J/H Dear Mr. Henry, Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding the status of the Zephyr Endobronchial Valve, now a part of Pulmonx, Inc. Currently the device is not approved for sale in the United States...
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    Power Lung

    I have read in a couple of blogs about "Power Lung". Does it really work for COPD patients? Which one is most applicable, there appears to be three of them? Txs, JH
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    Stem Cell results.

    Is there a location on this site where people who have had Stem Cell procedures here in the U.S. and outside the country as well? I recall sometime ago reading about a two or three people who were going out side the country to have a procedure done with regard to C.O.P.D., but have not read...
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    Stem cell search

    Hi, I'm John, I have severe COPD, and as a final resort am considering Stem Cell. I was first diagnosed in 1985. Was transported to St. Vincents Hosp. in NYC, in respiratory distress and spent 14 days on a vent. That convinced me into giving up smoking. While in my final days there I had a...