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    What's Going On In Your Area?

    here in Florida, we have 962k cases as of today. Honestly, this pandemic has triggered my anxiety and I'm just glad that I get to read articles on how to cope, like this one
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    Can Stem Cells Beat COVID-19

    I've read that research and trials are still ongoing
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    Strength Building Exercises for Older Adults

    Lift Heavier Weights Prioritize Multi-Joint Movements Make Recovery a Priority Pump Up Your Protein Intake Don't Fear Carbs Embrace Healthy Fats
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    Difference Between Adult Stem Cells And Embryonic Stem Cells?

    embryonic stem cells can generate all cell types in the body, adult stem cells are multipotent and can produce only a limited number of cell types.
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    lung transplant save damaged lungs

    How long can a person live after a lung transplant?
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    Where is Barbara?

    God be with you, Barbara.
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    UAE stem cell therapy for coronavirus treats over 2000 patients, 1200 fully recover

    It's a great development, especially now that big companies are racing to develop their vaccines. It is a better option than vaccination.
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    Having a dog may boost survival after a heart attack or stroke

    Thanks for sharing. I think a labrador or a golden retriever would be best for walking. They are sweet and very friendly too.
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    What home remedies can help with a runny nose?

    I do hot steam inhalation. I add lemon and salt to the water and let it boil. It really helps!
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    Magnesium optimizes vitamin D status, study shows

    Magnesium assists in the activation of vitamin D, which helps regulate calcium and phosphate homeostasis to influence the growth and maintenance of bones. All of the enzymes that metabolize vitamin D seem to require magnesium, which acts as a cofactor in the enzymatic reactions in the liver and...
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    Preventing spread of SARS coronavirus-2 in humans Infection researchers identify potential drug

    Hopefully, there will be an available drug to fight coronavirus sooner rather than later.
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    A new strategy for the management of inflammatory pain

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
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    Coronavirus Episode 11: Should You Be Taking Your Vitamin D?

    said that, respiratory viruses peak during the winter and drop off as the spring hits...SANGUINE!!!
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    First pain treatment using human stem cells developed

    impressive! I do hope they can also develop a treatment for coronavirus too.