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    First Successful Organ Regeneration in a Living Animal Scientists discovered a way to reverse the process of aging — and no, they didn’t invent another skin cream. Instead, a team of scientists from the University of Edinburgh...
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    Stem Cell Study Overcomes Major Hurdle in Organ Regeneration University of Virginia School of Medicine researchers reported that they turned embryonic stem cells into a fish embryo by manipulating certain biological signals. The study could...
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    Placenta Implantation Effectiveness?

    Dear Forum, I am a CKD patient (kidney) looking for my next try at stem cells. I had a six session treatment in Pune India, in Feb 2013 using cord blood and bone marrow, but have seen little improvement. I have read lately about a treatment using the abdominal fat lobe fused to the kidneys to...
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    New Technique to Make Stem Cell Therapy Reality

    This article talks about new findings that injected stem cells live only a number of hours, due to being out of the influence of blood vessel-forming cells. If these cells are used with the stem cells, however, they last for a few weeks...
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    Bernard Feinerman

    Dear Group, Is Dr Feinerman still practicing? Does anyone have contact information for him? Thank you! Mike :D
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    Stem Cells for Kidney Transplant Anti-Rejection

    Hi Group, There is an interesting new treatment to eliminate anti-rejection drugs for kidney transplant patients. These drugs can cost upwards of $30K/year! God bless! Mike :)
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    Referral Letter for Visa to India?

    Dear Forum, I have decided on a Stem Cell clinic to treat my kidney condition in India. It is Chaitanya Stem Therapy Center in Pune India. Dr. Anant Bagul is a respected doctor in the field, and has developed a treatment using three doses of both bone marrow and cord blood stem cells over a 25...
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    List of SC Clinics to Avoid?

    Dear Forum, Was it here that I saw a list like this (on Pioneers?) I surf so many places, I can't remember where I saw it. Thanks! Sincerely, Mike :)
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    "The Kidney Disease Solution" ebook

    Dear Forum, Is this book worth getting? Does it really reveal usefull treatments? Thanks for any insights! Mike ;)
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    Chaitanya Stem Therapy Center

    Dear Group, Has anyone heard of this one? It is in Pune, India. Here is a link: They use...
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    Which Type Stem Cell is Best?

    Dear Forum, Does anyone know of a good source of information on which stem cell type is best for different conditions and applications? There are so many choices out there: Personal fat cells, blood cells, bone marrow, cord blood, placenta, fetal fluid, fetal, animal fetal, etc. Each clinic...
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    Good thread on "shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital" in china Be careful out there! :)
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    Looking for Clinic

    Hi Everyone! My name is Mike, and I am very glad to have found this great forum! Thank you to everyone involved with it. I am a kidney patient with GFR ~45 from dehydration. I have been slowing down dramatically lately, and am in search of stem cell treatment. Please forward any information on...