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    Having a dog may boost survival after a heart attack or stroke

    Love dogs but having dogs crapping and pissing on every public street, sidewalk, gas station, car, beach, playground is very annoying to many who do not let their children do the same.. You want a shitting animal keeps it's poop in your own property just as you do with your children.
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    3D bioprinting can help end organ transplant waitlists — if the FDA stops delaying
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    MSC Therapy for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome; It’s Time to Accelerate Clinical Trials for COVID-19 Patients in Need

    I was a bit confused on using Stemcell as they say may take 2+ months before any results are felt, would be a bit late, wouldn't t.
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    lung transplant save damaged lungs
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    Cord/Placenta fluids growth healing factors info

    Plencta C Section fluids growth factor ie; AxoBioFluid® A is an ambient (room temperature) amniotic allograft fluid that is an alternative to the existing cryopreserved AxoBioFluid®. Both products are media conditioned by amniotic mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) and amniotic epithelial cells...
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    Exosomes. take off of Stem Cell CAP-2003 is comprised of exosomes isolated from the company’s proprietary cardiosphere-derived cells (CDCs). It is being developed as a next-generation therapeutic platform in regenerative medicine and as a vehicle to deliver therapies to cells in the human body...
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    move over stem cells Exosomes is taking over.... anti aging
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    IPF stem cell treatment FDA trial approved for humans, funding search now.

    Talking with the author of article he say's FDA approved Human trial stage so Univ NC and partner NC State university will set up a funding process and begin on IPF volunteers at some point soon. Original article,, sound very similar to Penn Sates stem cell discovery about same time...
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    Lung scarring reversal drugs discovered by local doctors sees great progress TYLER, Texas (KETK) - We first reported on a drug developed by local doctors to reverse lung scarring in August of 2015. After receiving countless emails from...