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  • My email is BEVANNLE@aol.com thank you so much I look forward to hearing from him and the phone number is correct I just don;t understand how my insurence has no problem spending 350 000 for lung surgery and won't let me have the money for stem cells the hospital checked my insurance and boy I have no problem with them or with the many drugs I will have to take thanks again
    Dr F contacted me by email late last night and this is what he wrote.
    Dear Jeannine,

    One of your friends Beverly with COPD from Ocala,Florida tried to reach me yesterday.However,I was extremely busy yesterday and I could not call her back.I am seeing patients right now in the office and my schedule is really tight today too. Please tell her that I will contact her this weekend.

    Is her phone number 352-789-3053? Do you have Beverly's email address.

    Give me your email address and I will forward it to him so he can contact you.
    He didn't call me back so I am bummed will lwt you know if I hear anything thanks for your help I just wish we could sue casey and get some of our money back oh well have a good day I have to speak with the transplant team about my desicion pray that I make the right one
    Let me know what he says and his current price too. I have people asking me but don't know his current price. Good luck to you.
    thanks Jeannine I called Dr F office his receptonist was really nice I gave her all my info starting with my trip to mexico with Casey she said she would have the Dr call me back tonight I will be in touch after I talk to him thanks again Bev
    Jeannine I hope you don't mind the post but I am up against the wall again Shands is pushing for the transplant agin I don;t have the money for stem cell but it sounds like you have had some sucess with Dr F would you mind telling me about how much it costs I live here in Florida so it would be easy for me thanks Bev

    I just saw that you had MADE NO FRIENDS. That's awful, to be friendless, so I just became your friend. You need do nothing but accept the idea of my friendship, as I do yours.
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