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    S/cell growth
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    spine damage and stem cells

    there is an interesting article on page 35 of todays daily express under the byline of health news in brief, about trials of stem cells for spine damage try as I might I cannot get that item on a link!!
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    diabetes halt-diabetes-just-days.html
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    crohn's disease
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    another 1st. for stemcells

    I came across this story this morning. oops proper link is
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    uk mother wants stemcells for daughter best way to see this is go to right hand column-health headlines and click on the 5th story down
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    artificial artery

    interesting new treatment
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    each tuesday this newspaper among many many others, devotes some pages to health matters, today there is an interesting article relating to amd, plus several other articles.
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    how to beat cancer
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    small cell lung cancer
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    new stemcell uses

    click on the link, just before 2100 hours gmt, horizon programme-fix me you should be able to watch it live, should be interesting I think!!
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    mnd seems to be an error on this link, I have checked it several times to no avail, but, if you click on the health link on error page, then in search box, type mnd stemcells you get a list, if you scroll down that list you will see...
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    medical bible

    my wifes pulmologist seems to believe that stemcell treatment for copd do'es not exist since no mention is made of it in his medical "bible" I found several articles relating to it.
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    early days but!!

    a few days ago i bought a book titled "vinegar and it's many uses" I've known for a long time of its cleaning properties but not of it's health benefits, for the last few days both my wife and myself have been taking 2 t/spoons of cider vinegar mixed with 2 t/spoons of honey in water ( it...
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