I was dismayed last night to find a Google ad that said Pioneer forum members would receive discounts from Stem Cell Biotherapy. I did not know that such an ad existed. We have never endorsed any company, including SCB, and it was to my great dismay to see that they have used this forum in that way. The ad appeared to be something that the Pioneer forum had placed. No one from SCB had ever approached us to ask us if this would be okay. We would not allow this with any company. Companies in good standing are allowed to post promotional material where it belongs - in the forum under company promotions and not on the worldwide web. This is a total disregard for our forum rules. We will contact the owner of SCB concerning this issue. They are allowed to offer discounts if they wish, but not use our forum as a means to look more legitimate. One more appalling chapter in this book. Again, BUYER BEWARE with SCB.