Last week I made the trip to Florida. I went to the Lung Institute for three days of Venous treatment and then to Bioheart for Adipose, banking and PLP for nebulizing. Both were a great experience and everything went well. My stomach is still a little sore from the lipo but no problems.

I chose the Lung Institute because they have a lot of experience and have a good protocol for the treatment and following. While there they give you a shot of Growth Factor as well as nebulizing with Glutathione and Albuterol every day prior to treatment. Post treatment they recommend nebulizing with Glutathione every other day. They also recommend taking Stemtriton, Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer, DNA Protection Formula and RNA Critical Telomerase Element as well as using a power lung, all available from SeaChange.

I chose Bioheart because they offer banking and Platelet Rich Plasma for nebulizing. I arrived at 1pm and was finished by 4.

Overall it was a great experience. I would recommend either Clinic. Both say it takes about three months to see full results. I will keep the forum updated. Thanks again to Barbara and Jeannine for this site.