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Thread: your response to this answer please!

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    Default your response to this answer please!

    i recently asked the following question at a copd website and received the following answer. for those who already received stem cell therapy, i am wondering what your response to the answer to my question would be, not to my question but to this answer to my question. i would very much like to hear from you, thank you, richard

    as i study stem cell therapy i am wondering why the topics of stem cell therapy, stem cell research, techniques, etc. are not discussed much on this site. other sites that i have visited lately have quite abit of discussion on these topics. stem cell therapy for copd, etc. looks like the cure of the future for many people with the disease.


    Hold on to your money, stem sells for copd are not ready for prime time.
    Some progress is being made, however there are multiple cells in lungs which need to be dealt with.

    NOW for the people who are claiming great success. If you follow their progress you will see that in reality the progress they are experiencing is really a result of the following.



    *Eating properly and selectively

    *PMA--Positive Mental Attitude, a result of being convinced that those little cells are in there making new lungs for you. Create the PMA yourself.

    *Proving that the $15-50,0000.00 you just spent is going to work even if it kills you.

    Point being in a FEW areas Stem Sells are working for some diseases but that is very very FEW.

    Hold your money tight, don't buy the INTERNET Hype you are reading because it is NOT always what it appears to be.

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    Default Answer to your answer

    Richard - An interesting post for sure. I am glad that the person who posted it has contacted me for my two cents since he or she seems to know me intimately. I would have to agree that if you have plenty of time to wait that the future will find even more finely tuned delivery methods for stem cell therapy. I also will tell you that in my humble, unasked for opinion, I feel my COPD has been stopped dead in its tracks after my therapy one year ago. I wish I could say that if you exercise a lot, pop some vitamins, start eating better that you can avoid doing anything else and you will have the same results, but I was doing all those things and getting progressively worse. I have been so busy lately that I have no time for exercise other than the PowerLung. I wish I did because exercise is good for everyone. I know I need to make time, but I am always rushing around doing something. I am catching up I guess you could say for the last few years where I was parked on my couch always sick from something and SOB 24/7. I do agree with the supplement part of my healing, but I don't think supplements can do the whole job without the extra boost I got through stem cell therapy. As for stem cell therapy being in its infancy, this really isn't true. It goes back as far as the 50's from what I have read. We are just now discovering however, that it is something that may benefit scores of people suffering from all sorts of different diseases. I do feel badly that forums do not at least wish to discuss stem cell therapy. They do their readers a disservice when they are ill informed. It is rather like someone who insisted on riding a horse when the automobile was invented even though it was dangerous to ride the horse amongst all the vehicles on the road. I am glad you posted your answer and I hope others will respond. A positive attitude is absolutely one of the best things I have gained from stem cell therapy. There was nothing positive I could muster up sitting on my couch sick several times a year, however. It took stem cell therapy to give me my new outlook on life. As for the cost, it is cheap compared to most major life changing treatments. No, insurance does not cover it and may not for years to come, but how much is your life worth? It is tax deductible from everything we have learned and that may make it available to more people. Each month seems to bring new and better news. My fondest wish would be to have this forum obsolete.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    I have seen the comments on the COPD International site about stem cells for COPd and these are the same people who are negative about almost anything that isn't free. They don't want to be helped unless the government pays for it.

    In a nutshell:

    It will be a year next week since I received stem cell treatment and I do not exercise nor eat properly but I do take vitamins.

    I was on oxygen 24/7 before - now I only use it to sleep or if I plan to do lots of walking. I rarely get SOB and as far as I am concerned I feel better than I have for 3 years. I wonder if the naysayers can say the same?
    Still Pioneering
    Had UC treatment April 5th, 2007
    Had autologous treatment March 19, 2010
    Had bone marrow and adipose stem cell treatment (autologous) June 16, 2010

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    Default Nassin's response

    I forwarded Richard's answer (question) to Nassin for his response. This man is the most amazing person and my biggest hero to this day. Here is what he said:


    You already know how I feel. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and
    if you believe you can improve your condition by dieting, exercise, mental
    attitude, etc. more power to you. In my personal situation,
    I was simply unable to gather the energy to pursue that course. Before I
    had my treatment of stem cells, I felt getting worse on a daily basis, had
    no appetite and several times thought life not worth living. I
    was on oxygen 24/7 and my doctors said try anything you wish, we can
    do no more. Because I was 78, no surgery was contemplated.

    When I went for my treatment I really did not expect much but wanted
    to try anything and everything before giving up. To my pleasant and
    welcome surprise, I was able to drop the oxygen, except while sleeping,
    and was able to exercise, walk, eat, move and my feeling of despair
    disappeared. From that time onwards (remember, it was in Dec. 2006)
    the quality of my life improved tremendously. Life is very worth
    living and I continue to improve it. Of course I exercise almost daily...
    I can now. I did not do special diets nor vitamins but since I am not
    cured (you recall I had shortness of breath practically all the time) I
    continue to seek ways of improving and trying other avenues to help me.
    I will be eighty in about a month but want to live lots more. Although
    I still have severe emphysema, ("last stage" my doctor has been calling it
    for the last three years) and my FEV1 has only improved to 14, I travel
    abroad once or twice per month, do not need a wheel-chair and have
    no problems moving around. In about a month will go to NY with wife
    and my eldest and his wife for some concerts, museum hopping and
    theater (a non-stop fun time)....and I believe it is happening because
    in my particular case, the stem cells they transplanted from my bone
    marrow worked well.

    I do know, Barbara, that other people have been helped. Others have

    Going again Tuesday to Guatemala and El Salvador.

    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Default Pioneers pave the way for the future

    Richard - One other thing I should have added to my response is that as pioneers of stem cell therapy, we are helping pave the way so that in the future others may be able to have treatment right at their own doctor's office with results that will be pretty much predictable. The people who are so negative now will have us to thank in the future as researchers and doctors learn more and more from our treatments. I get a good feeling having been one of the first to be honest with you. Someone has to go first.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Default Had Treatment And Glad Of It

    Hi Richard----

    I Had Treatment Almost 6 Months Ago, I Went To My Medical Dr. Today, She Says I Am 50 % Improved, And Feels It Is The Cells That Did It--yes I Have Exercised, But Not Like I Should, Yes I Am Taking Vitamins And Supplements, But Again Not Like I Should. I Am Glad I Went For Treatment, I Feel That If I Had Not, I Would Be In A Lot Worse Shape Than I Am. I Am Still On 02, And On My Meds, But, It Is Only 6 Months, And I'm Sure There Is More Improvement In Store For Me, If Not--i Will Go For A Booster, As I Have Faith In These Cells. It Took Me A Lot Of Years To Get This Sick, So It Will Take Some Time To Get Well, Or At Least A Lot Less Sick. As For The People Who Look Down Their Noses At Us, Shame On Them, If They Live Long Enough, They Just Might Thank Us Some Day, For Being Pioneers And Being Willing To Try Something To Prolong Our Lives., They Should Be Thanking Us, Instead Of Belittling Us... To You, I Wish You Health And Happiness----
    OCT.4, 07
    Autolugous Stem Cells 5/09

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    Default Misinformation

    Welcome back Rose and thanks for an informative post. One other thing that needs to be pointed out is that the person who gave Richard the answer he got said that stem cell therapy is working for very few diseases. If you read my post that replied to Karl's question of how his doctor could legally treat him with adult stem cells, I noted that at the time of publication of Steenblock and Payne's book (2006) there were at least 86 diseases approved for treatment for adult stem cells. This did not include umbilical cord stem cell therapy. It is obvious to me that the person that replied to Richard did not do a lot of research on the issue. This person has not kept up with what is happening in the medical field and continues to harbor the outdated belief that stem cell therapy is all hocus pocus and will go away someday so that we can get back to dying sooner with whatever nasty disease ails us. Stem cell therapy is not going away. The only thing it is doing is improving lives for many people. It does not help everyone and it does not work for every disease at this point. I think we will see vast improvements as to what type of cells treat what type of disease best and of course there is the mad scramble to find the best delivery method that will ensure maximum engraftment to the affected areas. I urge everyone to do extensive research before committing to stem cell therapy and most of all to ask for the credentials and source of information from someone who is spouting off something that could change the outcome of your life. This person has not had therapy, that is obvious. He is an armchair quarterback of the worst kind and I hate to tell him, but his team is losing.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Default Worth watching

    Felicia posted this in another forum section, but I felt it was very inspiring and was also fitting to be in this thread.

    From Felicia:

    By the way if you go to and type in the search amanda gallo you will see a 10 minute biography of amanda from birth to now with her progress with the stem cells.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Default amanda

    a wonderful video & a great testament for stem cell treatment

    it would be really good if some of the pioneers were able to do videos of their progress

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    Default amazing

    That is such amazing video!!! Of course, I cried all the way through it.
    Take care, Bea
    Had Autologous Stem Cell Treatment August 7th, 2008.
    Had Autologous Stem Cell Treatment February 20th, 2009.

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