AHG, CSIRO team for stem cell research

Allied Healthcare Group (ASX:AHZ) and the CSIRO have joined forces to develop tissue engineering technologies with the potential to aid tissue repair in the heart.

Dylan Bushell-Embling (Australian Life Scientist)03 July, 2012

Allied Healthcare Group (ASX:AHZ) and the CSIRO have entered a research collaboration focused on the development of a new platform for the delivery of stem cells.

Tissue matrices treated with Allied Healthcare unit Celxel's ADAPT tissue engineering technology will be used as scaffolds for the delivery of adult mesenchymal stem cells in heart failure models.

Any treatments arising from the collaboration would be designed to repair cardiovascular tissue through the use of a tissue bioscaffold. The tissue matrix would then attract cells to repopulate and replace the initial scaffold, leaving behind native tissue.

This approach has the potential to be a superior and longer-lasting treatment to the use of traditional cardiovascular scaffolds.

Allied Healthcare group managing director Lee Rodne said the collaboration with the CSIRO will allow the company to “produce a new platform technology based on a combination of the Allied technology with stem cells,” which will boost the commercial potential of the ADAPT technology.

Using ADAPT, Celxel has already developed CardioCel, a cardiovascular patch to repair paediatric heart deformities. Celxel has so far conducted multiple animal trials and a phase II clinical trial of the patch, its lead product in development.

Allied Healthcare filed for CE Mark approval for the CardioCel patch early last month.

ADAPT tissue matrices have so far also been used in hernia and pelvic floor repair procedures.

Allied Healthcare (ASX:AHZ) shares were trading 5.6% higher at $0.019 as of around 2pm on Tuesday