Adult Stem Cell Patients Continue to See Improvement Years After Treatment

Howie Lindeman was facing the loss of his career and Neim Malo wasnt
supposed to see 2011. They were each treated for heart disease years ago
using their own stem cells to repair their damaged heart tissue. Several
years following treatment, both men continue to see improvement in their
condition and quality of life.

Howie Lindeman, 60, had a heart attack at 39 years old that severely
damaged his heart. He went through several procedures including having
stents placed in his arteries and his physicians were considering open
heart surgery for a quintuple bypass. He was in constant pain and struggled
to walk just 25 feet, but when Zannos G. Grekos, MD, MAAC, FACC, chief
medical officer of Regenocyte and a Florida-based pioneer in the field of
adult stem cell therapy suggested he have the Regenocyte Adult Stem Cell
procedure, he jumped at the opportunity. A normal ejection fraction (EF) is
over 50 percent and Lindemans was down to a dangerous 22 percent before the
adult stem cell procedure. Shortly after receiving treatment, his EF
improved to a near-normal 47 percent, and is now at a stable 54 percent.

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Years After Treatment

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