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Thread: Need some advice

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    Default Need some advice

    Help! After many hours, I've read through most of the posts in this forum, but I haven't come across anyone who has recently had stem cell treatment in Tijuana.

    My father has severe COPD and after receiving information from Repair Stem (Don Margolis), he is ready to go for stem cell treatment in Tijuana. The hospital is not named in the correspondence, but I'm assuming there is only one that he works with. My dad was very interested in Argentina, but it is really too far for him to fly, and Tijuana would just be an 8 hour drive for us.

    Has anyone had any treatment there lately for any disease? If you have done so in the past, how are you doing now?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It is a lot of money, but definitely worth it if he could breathe better.



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    LindaZ - For a "lot of money" you should be given all the details, including the name of the hospital. There are several hospitals in Tijuana, some nice, some not so nice. Mr. Margolis is a broker who is paid a commission by the doctor or clinic, but he should still be able to give prospective patients the answers to all of their questions. If you plan to use his services, then please ask him to provide the information you need. I would think he would want to make sure you are comfortable with all the arrangements as that is his business, but you do need to ask.

    Treatment may or may not be successful for your dad. It's hard to tell. Some patients respond well to treatment, others not so well. A lot depends on the severity of your dad's condition, his age, the type of stem cells he will be getting, the type of infusions, other conditions he may have, etc.

    Many people are expecting a complete turnaround of their condition and quite frankly, that just isn't going to happen. The progression of the disease may be stopped, he may have reduced shortness of breath, more energy and vitality, but stem cells at this point are not a cure. They are not a magic bullet with instant results. Patients need to have reasonable expectations.

    I sincerely hope your dad does get some positive results and that his breathing improves. That in itself would be worth the money.

    I have had therapy several times in Tijuana. One time was the best treatment I have ever had as far as results. Another time was the worst treatment I ever had. I have permanent damage from an adipose treatment I had there. Hopefully, others can post comments on their own experiences in Tijuana.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Default Thanks for your reply

    Thank you, Barbara, for your quick reply. Can you tell me where in Tijuana you got the best results and what procedure was used? What do you think about adipose vs. bone marrow extraction?

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    LindaZ - One of the problems going on in the stem cell therapy world today is that treatment is not always consistent. Doctors for the most part are simply not doing any studies, but instead they are just treating patients and sending them on their way. Very often, the patient doesn't even get a follow up call post treatment. It is impossible to determine safety and efficacy from such methods. The ICMS is trying to get doctors to participate in their accreditation and clinical registry program and a few are making the decision to do so, but not enough.

    It is so much easier to just treat patients and send them home and it pays well, so quite frankly there is not a great incentive to conduct studies or track patients post treatment. While I am no fan of what the FDA has done to keep us from getting treatment in the U.S., there is something to be said about keeping data on patients and following strict protocols. Patients have died from mishaps during treatment, so it can be risky. People who are desperately ill make good targets as well. I am not saying this happens frequently, but it can and does happen and quite frankly, not much is done about it. Even the FDA seems to pick and choose as they went after Dr. Centeno while looking the other way evidently with Dr. Jones who just treated Governor Perry as well as other companies operating in the U.S. who may not be adhering to FDA rules and regulations.

    To get to your question, however, the treatment that I had that I consider the best was a marrow extraction, placenta cells and umbilical cord combination that Dr. Ramirez performed. I did get growth factors and stayed a month in California at sea level post treatment. I was able to get off of supplemental oxygen and felt normal once again. When I returned to Denver however, I had to start using oxygen again. Was it the altitude or did the growth factors simply give me that initial boost? I couldn't tell you.
    The company I went through, Nepsis, is no longer in business. Dr. Ramirez was their administering doctor.

    The worst treatment I have ever had was an adipose treatment. I have permanent damage in my leg from the lipo with pain off and on. I was seriously ill for 3 months post treatment. This treatment was done by a company named BioGenesis/Weller Health. I do not know who the administering doctor was. I got zero positive results from the treatment. In fact, I would say it set me back. I was treated in Nova Hospital in Tijuana.

    My very first treatment was also in Tijuana. It too was a total disaster. The company that performed it, Stem Cell Biotherapy, is no longer run by the person who ran it when I got treatment. He was sued by his partner and lost big time and reportedly has left the continent. (Hopefully, for good!)

    For now, I am holding my own and do not plan on any more stem cell treatments at this time. I use Daliresp which has helped me a lot. I do not think there are any therapies developed yet that would improve my diffusion enough for me to get off supplemental oxygen in the altitude I live in. Stem cell therapy has stopped the progression of my disease for which I am very grateful and I am back doing a lot of things I had given up on thanks to it and the Daliresp. I have to credit Daliresp for keeping me well, the stem cells for stopping the progression and improving my outlook on life.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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