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Thread: Stem cells clinics

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    Default Stem cells clinics


    I would like to know more about these clinics:
    1. X-cell center in Germany.
    2. EmCell in Ukraine.
    3. Puhua in Beijing.
    4. Nu Tech Mediworld in India.
    5. Any other clinic, worldwide.

    Did anyone have had a stem cell treatment in any of those clinics and can give his/her expression ?

    I would like to hear about any self experience in stem cell treatment.

    Could anyone recommend on any treatment for spinal cord injury / hard nerve pain after 3 operations ?
    I have already tried without any success: Variety of Opiate medicines, Cannabis, alternative medicine such as Chinese acupuncture, electropuncture, massage etc.



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    A good way to find discussions on the clinics you mention is to use the Search function. Simply click on Search and then type in X-Cell or EmCell, etc. The search will bring up all threads where discussion has taken place on what you are searching for.

    One of our members Amanda Boxtel has had several treatments for sci from
    Dr. Geeta Shroff in India. You might try sending her a private message. To do this, click on Community, then members, then A, then find her name and send her a message from there.

    I would also suggest looking at the Ask the Doctor forum. This will give you contacts for many stem cell clinics.
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    If you have a spinal cord injury. Have a look at CareCure forum. Dr Wise Young is working on a Stemcell cure for patients with sci. You can talk to millions on that forum with sci that have already had stemcell treatments that havent worked for them. They are all counting on Dr Wise Young to find the cure in Stemcell treatment. He is working hard on it and seems to be close to treating patients with stemcells. Speak to the people or Dr Wise Young on the forum they will tell you the latest info on it.

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    Hi Melissa,

    My name is Ingela and I work with a few stem cell hospitals in China. I have some information about a couple of the clinics you mentioned that may help:

    Regarding Puhua, we send a lot of our clients to them for treatment of Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes and Cerebral Palsy. They are a fantastic hospital with great facilities and rehab, but for spinal cord injury they have unfortunately not had very consistent results.

    Wu Jing hospital however, is an army hospital in Beijing where they have had an excellent recovery rate mainly due to a unique method of implanting the cells using 3D CT scans live during the operation. Their treatments are also comparatively affordable. I have been really impressed by the treatments available here and would definitely consider this as a good option for SCI. The head surgeon at WJ, Dr. An, is also one of the leading figures in the Chinese stem cell research community. We were able to film a long interview with him regarding stem cell treatment for SCI available for viewing here:

    Regarding X-Cell: My impression is that the treatment is very hit and miss because of the methods they use for implanting the cells and because the results totally depend on the quality of your own stem cells. This is another issue I spoke to Dr. An about in our interview:

    I hope this helps a little! I did a Q&A session here a while back, (available here: if you would like to read a little more about what we do and stem cell treatment in China. If you have other questions, feel free to write to me at any time at:


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    Check all available resources for sure. Is Dr. Wise Young actually using the word cure? I would think he would be more cautious than that. It will also be interesting to see how the Geron trial goes as well as several others in the works at this time throughout the world.
    There are some success stories out there, just like with many other diseases, but so far, there is no slam dunk treatment that I am aware of that will help the majority of sci patients. I wish Dr. Wise Young the best. The more that get involved in clinical trials, the better.

    You can talk to millions on that forum with sci that have already had stemcell treatments that havent worked for them.

    Tess - Your comment about the number of sci patients just on the CareCure forum intrigued me. I tried to find out how many patients in the world suffer from a spinal cord injury, but wasn't able to. I did get a statistic for the U.S. which would seem that enough injuries occur to really spur some more research into this area, even if it isn't in the millions. I would put the number at closer to several hundred or a few thousand worldwide that may have had actual stem cell therapy.

    Spinal cord injuries occur in approximately 12,000 to 15,000 people per year in the U.S. About 10,000 of these people are permanently paralyzed, and many of the rest die as a result of their injuries. Most spinal cord trauma occurs to young, healthy individuals. Males between 15 and 35 years old are most commonly affected.

    Ingela - Thanks for the information. I had posted this before your post came through. There is some encouraging work going on for sure!
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    Exclamation Beijing Puhua International Hospital

    We are in the process of taking our 2 year old son Ryker(cerebral palsy) to Tiatan Puhua Hospital in Beijing for stem cell treatment. I will make updates as to how my experience with them has gone.

    So far the hospital spokesperson has been extremely good at answering my questions and passing on the medical team's requests for information to me.

    Before they accepted him for treatment and recommend a treatment plan, they required all his medical records, video's of him, and that he gets a brain MRI before his treatment begins(either here or there).

    The treatment plan recommended spans 4 weeks. During this time he would receive 5 stem cell transplants. One via IV infusion and 4 via lumbar puncture. All from cord blood.

    He would also get daily IV and oral medications. The medication list that they gave me comprised of oral antioxidants(vitamins) and CoQ10(available at health food stores). His IV meds would be a common medication given to stroke victims in the emergency room setting within the first three hours. The medication protects the brain and makes it "sticky" for stem cells to attach(no real side effects noted when researched). The other IV med is one that needs no prescription and is currently being used to treat Alzheimer's in the US. This medication is to protect the stem cells after they attach(again, no side effects of concern).

    When he's not doing the above, he will have daily sessions of PT,OT, speech therapy, acupuncture, and other traditional Chinese medicine. All designed to stimulate the stem cells after implantation and make them "connect".

    The hospital assigns an english speaking person from their international team to be with the family at all times for interpretation within and outside of the hospital, for cultural awareness, and any other questions that the family may have(where to buy diapers, etc). This person will also go with the family for daily errands, shopping, sight seeing, etc....if requested by the family(may be a government minder for all I know!). They will also help us get the visa and extension if needed.

    The hospital also provides a room/suite with kitchenette for the patient and family.

    There are other nickel and dime issues like laundry, wireless internet, etc, but I won't get into them.

    The price that they estimated for all of the above is 192,500 Chinese Yuan. Currently that converts to just under $30k US. The final cost may be more or less depending on what actually gets billed.

    That's what I can tell you at this time. We are raising funds and will move forward once that's done.

    Good luck everyone.

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    Thank you for posting. I hope you will continue to let us know how things go.
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    anyone know why care cure forum is not responding??? please advise if you know anything or is it just ME who can not reach them. thanks poobear e-mail

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    Default Stem cell Clinic for neuropathic pain

    Hi Everyone,

    I am planning on stem cell therapy this year. Can anyone recommend a clinic with a success rate for curing peripheral neuropathic pain related to infection. I have suffered with pelvic pain after complications of an abscess after a vaginal hysterectomy. I've tried everything to relieve this pain except stem cells. I'm excited about UCSF 's research of reversing neuropathic pain with stem cells. But i'm afraid that i'll not see this on the market anytime soon! Any advice is appreciated! Take care.........Peg

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    Peg - I'm wondering if Dr. Kadish from World Stem Cells in Cancun has any experience with it. He has been treating Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. I realize that's not what you have, but it does fall under the peripheral neuropathy category.

    Have you contacted any doctors or clinics? Have you spoken to anyone at UCSF? I don't know how useful that might be, but perhaps they might have some direction they could give you. I'm sorry I don't have more information.
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