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Thread: Updates from cardiac patients that have had stem cell therapy

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    Default Thanks for updating

    I think you may have hit the nail on the head when you say that perhaps your doctors don't want to give you more advanced tests because they don't want to acknowledge that what you had done may have worked. Otherwise, I have never known a doctor that didn't want me to take tons of tests and meds! I am also glad that you have come clean that it is one old dog you are dragging around. When I first read that you were out running your dogs, I imagined sleek greyhounds! HA It is very encouraging that you are out walking anything in my opinion. Your supplement regimen sounds interesting. What do you mean by mixed when you talk about fish oil? I also take fish oil. Thanks for giving us an update. The rest of your body should catch up to your heart if you continue with healthy eating, supplements and exercise I would think.

    I also believe that much of our healing is mental. You can certainly help yourself by believing that your treatment will help you. A good frame of mind before and after therapy is a must.
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    Default Fish oils

    HAHA- not running my dogs walking them at a reasonable pace - around 2 miles an hour or so-- but I'm still way de-conditioned.
    I use Nordic Naturals fish oils 1000 mg a day mixed 3 6 9 one cap and Nordic Naturals Ultimate 1 cap

    Following is a list of all companies who refine fish oils and if they do it right to remove impurities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mithras View Post
    ...I noticed an interesting thing- most of the doctors were first of all focused on- was I depressed, did i feel hopeful, what was my out look like before they delved into the technicalities.

    When I asked one of them why - they said that one of the key things they look for in heart attack patients and any kind of heart repair patients was their mental and emotional out look as a KEY indicator and prognostic tool.
    Doctors will often prescribe anti-depressants in many cases after heart surgery for this reason. Good medicine to avoid!
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    Default Too many drugs

    That is really horrible. I cannot believe that anti-depressants would be a good idea at all. There are natural remedies for depression. My mom suffers from it and her doctor was forever trying to get her to take tons of meds. I have taken her off of everything except a few natural supplements and her thinking is much more clear and she is happier. I think there is too much of these types of meds being used. I use tapes that help with my mental outlook and also tapes to reduce stress and they are better than prescription meds any day.

    Thank you Richard for your fish oil chart. I found it very informative.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Default Dr Drugs vs Supplements

    Another interesting thing is that any of the statins tend to destroy CoQ10 which has a big part to play in rebuilding heart muscle. Further most of the statins were found as a natural part of red rice yeast. EG lovastatin is a naturally occurring part of red rice yeast. The interesting piece is Red rice yeast has several statins in it- and hence might be better because of its mix than any single one. But remember to take coQ10 with it.

    I am annoyed and dismayed at the state of medicine. I have to constantly argue with new doctors over what they just repeat by rote. IE they all tell me its necessary to eliminate dietary cholesterol. Why I ask? Show me the link between dietary cholesterol and serum LDL-s they cant. And they think they are being "scientific" when all they do is parrot what drug companies tell them to.

    I think people definitely have to take a hand in their own survival- if you put it in doctor's hands solely you ill be in for a big, and possibly nasty surprise.

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    Richard, I couldn't agree with you more. I think not only are we stem cell Pioneers, we are also a pioneering group that is fed up with the conventional textbook treatment and drug saturation. I have never been offered so many drugs in my life. I just got over a 2 week strange bout of shortness of breath. I was fearful to go to my doctor because I knew I would be given an X-ray, prednisone, antibiotics and who knows what else. Since, my stem cell transplant, I have felt healthier and I did what I could at home and I am feeling much better. I didn't let whatever I had get out of hand, but I didn't run off to the doctor's office at the first little sign of breathlessness. We walk a fine line, but most of us are learning what really helps and what simply masks or temporarily makes me feel better which is what I have been getting from the medical profession for the last 10 years. I think the rice you talk about is a good example of something that can help and yet isn't it what the FDA has banned? Undoubtedly, because it isn't something the pharmaceutical industry profits from. As far as cholesterol, my chiropractor, who is also into natural medicine would agree with what you have said. He says we have been brainwashed to believe otherwise. He also preaches a very natural healthy diet and the man looks terrific and acts years younger than he is.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Default Fda Ban

    I believe if you look closely - the reason the FDA banned it as a nutraceutical was because lo and behold some one discovered the reason it worked on LDL cholesterol so well was that it had all these statins in it - and statins are a controlled substance. Mevacor or lovastatin is a natural substance isolated from a strain of the fungal microorganism Aspergillus terreus- found in red rice yeast. In 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) placed a ban on the sale of dietary supplements derived from red yeast rice, which naturally contains lovastatin, arguing that products containing prescription agents require drug approval.

    They should also put a ban on oyster mushrooms which also contain a lot of mixed statins.

    Another example is white willow bark or myrtle leaves which contain salycylic acid ( an aspirin precursor) . Fortunately aspirin is not a prescription drug, but if it were- then white willow bark would be proscribed. the natural elements have a history at least back to the Egyptians in maybe 2000 BC (myrtle leaves) and 200 BC Hippocrates using willow bark, and then Greek surgeons all the way into the new world where native Americans used birch and willow bark because of the analgesic effects.

    Yet to read the history of aspirin you wold think that it was all dependent on a bunch of chemists and ultimately Bayer to find the answer.

    To show you how "dumb" the Europeans were - during the middle ages they banned the use of willow medicinally because the willow crop was slated to be used for making wicker work. I guess you could always suck on your chair.

    And so it goes.

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    Default Fda

    Very interesting Richard. Thanks for posting it. I think if someone told the FDA about the mushrooms, they would try to ban them also! I shudder at the thought of the idea that the FDA wants to control the vitamin/supplement industry. We will all be very sorry if this happens. There are certain things that the FDA should be doing and certain things they should most definitely not be doing. Banning natural foods is certainly not one of them.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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