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The Australian Stem Cell Centre's latest newsletter is now available. It has been a busy month in the stem cell world, with lots of news. Here is a roundup of what has been happening:

You can read it online here, older newsletters are also available through our website.

Contents of this Month?s newsletter:

Stem Cell Research News
USC Researchers Create HIV Resistant Cells
Mouse Lungs Grown From Stem Cells
Stem Cells Sourced From Frozen Blood
Exercising May Make You Brainier

Industry News
iPierian Closes US$22million Fund Raising to Focus on Neurodegenerative Diseases
Mesoblast Moves Forward With the FDA on Phase III Clinical Trial

Policy, Regulation & Ethics News
International Stem Cell Registry Listings Exceed 1000 Cell Lines
US Stem Cell Policy Legal Challenge
Doctor Struck Off For 'Secret Stem Cell Treatment'

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