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The Australian Stem Cell Centre's latest newsletter is now available. It has been a busy month in the stem cell world, with lots of news. Here is a roundup of what has been happening:

You can read it online here, older newsletters are also available through our website.

Contents of this Month?s newsletter:

Stem Cell Research News
Retina Grown from Embryonic Stem Cells
UK Scientists Launch Stem Cell Project to Research Motor Neurone Disease
iPS Cells Created Using a Virus Alone
Mouse Skin Cells Directly Reprogrammed to Beating Cardiomyocytes
Step to Overcoming Key Obstacle to Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Blocking HIV in Phase I Clinical Trial
Unproven Stem Cell Treatment and Mysterious Cellular Masses

Industry News

Stem Cell Therapeutics? Stroke Drug Fails to Perform in Phase II Clinical Trial
German Firm Receives Quality Certification for Stem Cell Product from European Medicines Agency

Policy, Regulation & Ethics News
Online Patient Guide to Stem Cell Treatments
Costa Rica Shuts Stem Cell Clinic
Stem Cell Patent Digests Online
NIH Rejects Use of Dozens of Stem Cell Colonies by Federally Funded Researchers

Funding News
Connecticut Grants Stem Cell Researchers US$9.8 million
Maryland Awards $11.7M in Stem Cell Grants
CIRM Allocates US$25 million in Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunology Awards

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