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I was trained in US-based colleges. I have a Bachelor?s of Science Degree and a Master?s of Science Degree. I trained at a medical school, but received a Doctorate of Philosophy degree rather than a Doctorate of Medicine degree. I also have a Postdoctoral Fellowship. All my degrees are within the Biological Sciences. I have communicated very closely with Dr. Young, since his activities with adult stem cells in the middle 1970?s. We now communicate with each other quite frequently, to bounce ideas off each another. I prefer to remain anonymous, as are all of the participants in my research studies. My code number is HM000.

SeaChange Consultant
Before answering the questions, I would like to try to explain the particular endogenous (autologous, i.e., self) stem cells that Dr. Young works with.
In each one of us, there are resident "mother" pluripotent and ?mother? totipotent stem cells that inhabit everyone's body. The particular function of these primitive stem cells is to provide cells to repair and maintain the body, as best they can, to the normal life span of humans. The normal life span of humans is about 120 years of age, unless we die because of accidents, overwhelming diseases, and abuses to our bodies, genetic defects, or cancer. The two types of primitive ?mother? stem cells are pluripotent stem cells and totipotent stem cells. They reside in the connective tissue matrices of all organs in the body, both inside and predominantly OUTSIDE the bone marrow. They respond to chemical signals that are transmitted through the blood stream as well as through the connective tissue matrices, and from cell to cell. As these primitive ?mother? stem cells divide, one cell stays as the resident mother stem cell while the other ?daughter? stem cell goes out into the peripheral vasculature waiting for something to go wrong - which it will try to fix. The multiplication and mobilization of primitive pluripotent and totipotent stem cells is occurring at a steady state (24/7) unless otherwise altered. It is person to person specific, depending on the status of their health.

Dr. Young has found that the primitive ?mother? stem cells can be manipulated in a culture dish by various inductive factors, growth factors and cytokines to form any cell and tissue in the body. We discovered that inside the body the primitive ?mother? stem cells could be manipulated with a compound called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). The AFA can cause release of the primitive stem cells into the blood stream. However, AFA can also cause the primitive mother cells to multiply and stay in the connective tissues as resident cells, if given at the correct dosages.

A highly purified-extract of AFA is the major constituent of a similar product.. The purified extract of AFA predominantly causes mobilization of the primitive stem cells into the peripheral vasculature. The directions on a similar product suggests that you to take 2-4 capsules of a day of their concentrated product derived from the original AFA compound. That much product forces both sets of primitive mother stem cells AND primitive daughter stem cells to mobilize to your blood stream, leaving very few resident mother stem cells remaining in the tissues. During the initial two-week time-period that you are taking this AFA product, you should be feeling great. However, after about two weeks of the forced stem cell mobilization into your blood stream, you are technically worse off than you were before. This is because there are very few residual mother pluripotent stem cells and mother totipotent stem cells left to repopulate your blood stream for the maintenance and repair of your tissues.

A purified-non-extracted form of AFA is the constituent of Stem Cell Advance sold by SeaChange Therapeutics. The non-extracted version of AFA predominantly causes a mobilization of the extra daughter cells into the peripheral vasculature. However, this mobilization only occurs after a multiplication of the primitive mother stem cells. SeaChange Therapeutics advises starting Stem Cell Advance at one capsule per day for 30 days, then two capsules per day for 30 days, then three capsules per day for 30 days, then four capsules per day for 30 days, then five capsules per day for 30 days, and so on and so forth. The SCA Treatment Protocol calls for the slow increase in the number of both sets of primitive mother stem cells as well as their respective primitive daughter stem cells. Utilizing this protocol, the mother stem cells are continuing to divide and staying put as resident populations of stem cells within the body while producing the daughter stem cells for mobilization into the blood stream.

Due to your own health problems, I do not know what your maximum number of SCA capsules will be to achieve healing, repair, and regeneration of damaged tissues. What I am hoping to achieve is that you reach the number of capsules per day of SCA that allow you to maintain and repair your tissues while also regenerating lost tissues. For example, say one starts with 100 mother cells. They divide and there are two hundred stem cells total. One hundred stem cells stay in the tissues as ?mother stem cells? and one hundred ?daughter stem cells? go into the blood stream. This would be considered your ?steady state? condition.

Now, for example, add SCA at one capsule per day. SCA causes a multiplication within the mother stem cells at a rate of 10%. Therefore, at the end of the first month there are 110 mother stem cells. These cells double in number, leaving 110 mother stem cells in the tissue matrices and sending 110 daughter stem cells into the blood stream to promote healing and repair.

Next month, add SCA at two capsules per day. SCA causes multiplication within the mother stem cells at a rate of 20%. Therefore, at the end of the second month there are 132 mother stem cells [110 + (110 x .2) = 132]. These cells double and send 132 daughter stem cells into the blood stream to promote healing and repair.

Next month add SCA at three capsules per day. SCA causes multiplication within the mother stem cells at a rate of 30%. Therefore, at the end of the third month there are 172 mother stem cells [132 + (132 x 0.30) = 172]. These cells double and send 172 daughter stem cells into the blood stream to promote healing and repair.

Next month add SCA at four capsules per day. SCA causes multiplication within the mother stem cells at a rate of 40%. Therefore, at the end of the fourth month there are 240 mother stem cells [172 + (172 x 0.40) = 240]. The mother cells double and send 240 daughter stem cells into the blood stream to promote healing and repair.

  • At five months and five capsules of SCA per day there will be [240 + (240 x 0.5) = 360 cells].
  • At six months and six capsules of SCA per day there will be [360 + (360 x 0.6) = 576 cells].
  • At seven months and seven capsules of SCA / day there will be [576 + (576 x 0.7 = 979 cells].
  • At eight months and eight capsules of SCA / day there will be [979 + (979 x 0.8) = 1762 cells].

Assume you need a continuous supply of a minimum of 1 billion stem cells circulating through your blood per day to treat your problem. That is the KEY to healing that Dr. Young discovered that a larger animal, such as a human, needs a continuous supply of primitive stem cells, longer than two weeks, to regenerate lost tissues.

My problem is that I do not know what your ?steady state? stem cell average is that is circulating in your blood stream. I can only make an approximation, based on the data that you return to me. That data needs to be in the form of objective, hard numbers ? like oxygen saturations in your blood after exercise and/or resting, or range of motion in your limbs, etc. Once you let me know what problem you are trying to fix, I can try to determine which numbers would be the best for you to send.

With his permission, I will use HM001 as an example. Within his blood stream, his steady state primitive stem cell count is 600 million stem cells per milliliter of blood. By the way, most people have lower steady state stem cell counts, but because of his chronic disease, he has a normally higher primitive steady state stem cell count. One capsule of SCA per day for 30 days will increase his number of stem cells by 10% to 660 million stem cells per ml of blood. Two capsules per day for 30 days and the count will be 792 million cells. Three capsules will give him 1.029 billion cells per milliliter of blood. Then he just takes this dose of three capsules per day to have the necessary continuous number of pluripotent stem cells present to fix whatever problem can be fixed by the primitive stem cells, i.e., torsion fracture of his right leg (which he endured a year ago last October). We have also seen similar results with some of our COPD folks, raising their oxygen saturations to nearly normal percentages of 95-98%, as they increased their dosage of one capsule of SCA per day on a slow increasing 30-day schedule.

What the companies that sell other AFA-based products do NOT understand is how the pluripotent stem cells and totipotent stem cells work. The primitive stem cells need to increase slowly to keep the resident mother populations in the connective tissues while their respective daughter stem cells move continuously into the blood stream. Research by Dr. Young and others have shown that a single dose of stem cells to a small animal, i.e., mouse or rat, will allow healing-regeneration of the tissue. Unfortunately, the size of animals used differs from the size of humans. Therefore, there appears to be a difference in the scale-up between rodents and humans. One-dose applications of millions of cells may work in humans for about two weeks, but after that you are back to where you were before, or worse off than where you were before.

For someone with an intact immune system, it will take about two weeks for their immune system to wipe out any foreign cells that are placed into their body. That is probably why Osiris? NIH Phase-II mesenchymal stem cell trial did not work; that is why umbilical cord stem cells don?t work in anyone over the age of eighteen months (1.5 years of age) for non-hematopoietic problems; and so on and so forth. The only cell we have found that is be able to be transplanted, without rejection, is the adult totipotent stem cell, discovered by Dr. Young. Because of its innate abilities, over time it appears to train the recipient?s immune system to accept it as self and not reject it.

Now to answer your questions.

Q: How long do you think it will take to have any results from these supplements?

A: Based on the above information it depends on the following. 1) What is your normal steady state primitive stem cell population in your blood stream? 2) What is the percentage increase in primitive stem cells per single SCA capsule over a 30-day period? 3) What is the optimal number of primitive stem cells that should be circulating in your peripheral blood stream for healing to occur (assume 1 billion)? 4) How many 30-day dose increases of SCA will it take to reach the optimal level of primitive stem cells for regeneration? 5) How long will healing / regeneration occur at the optimal dose of primitive stem cells.

Answers to the above questions are what we need to know before calculating how long it will take to get the results that YOU want.

Q: Should a patient take Stem Cell Advance (SCA) before getting stem cell treatment?

A: Yes
If so, how long before should a person start taking it? A person can take it for as long as they want before stem cell treatment. However, they should stop three days before treatment and begin again 3 days after treatment.

Q: I have just been diagnosed today with Sinusitis along with an upper respiratory infection; and have been prescribed 3 medications by my doctor, an antibiotic, along with 2 separate nasal sprays. These medications are: a) Augmentin 875 every 12 hours;
b) Patanase nasal spray every 12 hours; and c) Nasonex nasal spray - once daily.

Will taking these medications interfere with the SeaChange SCA Treatment:

A: No, and SCA should not interfere with the medications being taken.

Q: Should I continue the SeaChange SCA cappsules each morning, or discontinue them temporarily for now, and wait until after I finish the antibiotics to resume taking SCA?

A: SCA should not interfere with the medications you are taking, given your particular the schedule. The antibiotic you are taking is also killing helpful bacteria that live symbiotically in your digestive tract. If you are not lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy products, I would suggest that after you finish the antibiotics you begin eating yogurt. This will help repopulate your digestive track with helpful bacteria.

Q: Can a person take SCA without taking aspirin?

A: Yes, at the lower doses.

Q: What about with Coumadin?

A: We just discovered that one SCA capsule actually contains 20 micrograms of Vitamin-K. The USDA recommends that amount of Vitamin-K intake per day for a person on Coumadin is 80 to 120 micrograms. Therefore, without eating any other product containing Vitamin-K, a person could take up to six capsules of SCA and still stay within the guidelines of the USDA.

Q: Why do you say to take SCA in the morning before eating? I almost feel sick when I do this.

A: The acids in your stomach activate SCA. If you take SCA directly after you eat, you will decrease the activity of the SCA you take. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how much your SCA will be decreased by the variable amount food you may eat. If you feel sick, I would suggest eating one saltine cracker or one slice of bread or one slice of dry toast after you take the SCA, to help settle your stomach.

Q: I have COPD and am in the SCA Treatment Protocol. I currently take 5 capsules per day per your instructions. Is there a maximum number of capsules that one would eventually get to where taking more would not help any?

A: I am not sure. The most we have had anyone take is eight capsules per day for an extended period. The individual regained a nearly normal oxygen saturation of 95-98%, but lacked residual lung capacity. The SCA, by stimulating the stem cells, was healing their lungs to allow them to breathe easier ? giving them a higher oxygen saturation. In most individuals, it does not appear to regenerate lung tissue by itself.

A poster from Dr. Young?s laboratory presented at a scientific meeting showed that the primitive pluripotent and totipotent stem cells in the lung were located either in the smooth muscle within the lung or within the vasculature, but not within the epithelial lining of the lung. However, the epithelial lining of the lung is the particular lung tissue that needs to be regenerated for residual lung capacity to occur.

Another poster from Dr. Young?s laboratory presented at the same meeting showed that a single injection of primitive stem cells into the airway passages of a rat lung regenerated an entire bronchopulmonary segment of lung tissue, including the epithelial tissue lining and all other structures. This study suggested that nebulization of primitive stem cells might regenerate missing or lost epithelial cells of a damaged lung.

With respect to your own condition, I would be a bit hesitant to go over the eight capsules per day dosage without tests from your own physician and with his/her consent. You may also be a candidate for Dr. Young?s lung nebulization regeneration study. However, you would need to address that issue with him directly.

Q: I am wondering if you have had any success with kidney rejuvenation with SCA and would love to hear any suggestions you have as to what might help me to alleviate the severe pain and hematuria that this condition involves.

A: To the best of my knowledge, we have never had any one within the SCA trial with kidney problems, so the answer is ?I do not know?, unless you try. I do know that there are three agents can act as scavengers of free radicals and are known to protect the kidneys. They are Acetyl L-Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic acid, and Glutathione. Whether these agents, singly or in combination, would be helpful for your condition is unknown to me. I would suggest you consult with your physician or a nephrologist before using these compounds.

Q: I am planning on having surgery. Should I stop the SCA prior to that?
A: Yes

Q: If so, when should I start taking it again afterward?

A: You should stop three days before surgery and begin again 3 days after surgery.

Q:I have taken SCA for 2 months and don't feel any different. How can I tell if it is doing me any good? I take 2 capsules per day and have arthritis and severe asthma.

A: After 60 days (30-days at one capsule + 30-days at two capsules), add a third capsule for 30 days, then a 4th capsule for 30-days, then a 5th capsule for 30-days, then a 6th-capsule for 30-days, and so forth until you potentially reach 8 capsules per day. Then take that dosage continuously for one year. Write in a daily notebook how well you feel on all your days. If you feel good at 5-capsules per day, then stop at that dosage. Meaning when your arthritis (is it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis?) is feeling better and your severe asthma is not as severe (taking less medications to control your symptoms) do not continue to increase your dosage of SCA. Just stay at the minimal dosage of SCA that makes you feel better. ?Feeling better? is a subjective analysis and is different from person to person.

Q: What is the purpose of the SCA Treatment Protocol?

A: The original purpose of the SCA Treatment Protocol was to keep track of individuals with COPD. I tried to get their oxygen saturations to nearly normal percentages (95-98%) by taking various quantities of SCA. I succeeded in more instances than I failed (due to reasons beyond my control, i.e., their entering other people?s stem cell protocols in the middle of my protocol, taking other meds that counteracted the action of SCA, stopping the protocol because they saw no short term effects, etc.). However, it also allowed me the opportunity to gather preliminary data that Dr. Young could use to write for grant money to regenerate lung tissue in individuals with COPD, using a nebulizing of the inside of the lung with autologous pluripotent stem cell technique.

Q: Can anyone join?

A: Yes, anyone can join the protocol. It originally started with individuals with COPD so I could personally keep track of them and act as their ?coach? to guide them through the healing process. The study has expanded on its own. Now we also have individuals with autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal problems, paraplegics, quadriplegics, cerebral palsy, neurological problems, cardiovascular problems, etc. As we get more and more people with any one particular disease process or tissue damage, Dr. Young can go after moneys (grants, donations, etc.) to attempt to treat these individuals with stem cell techniques a little more sophisticated than just taking SCA capsules.