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(I've posted this in another area as well, sorry for the double up, but the researchers need to reach 20 people to complete this study so am hoping someone here may be able to help)

Within Australia there is very little information on why people have gone overseas for stem cell therapy, what their experiences were, and where they gathered their information. A couple of Monash University researchers are currently looking for Australians who have travelled internationally that would be willing to discuss their experiences.

The researchers are not looking to judge the stem cell treatments, you or discuss the science behind it. The aim is to understand:
What the experience was like?
How did you learn about stem cell therapy offered abroad?
What things did you consider in your decision to travel overseas?
What have your experiences with doctors been like since you returned to Australia?

The interview is confidential and takes about 1 hour. They are interested in chatting to people who have been overseas, or parents and caregivers who have been in a decision making position.

All of the questions asked would be entirely voluntary and you may decline to answer any of them. The findings assist organisations like the ASCC when putting together our patient handbook, shared with patient groups, and also clinicians and policy makers who are often grappling with the question of how best to respond to the growing number of advertisements for stem cell treatments offered off shore.

If you have travelled abroad and would like to participate or find out more about the study please call Kate on (03) 9905 4292 or send an email on Kate.Seear@arts.monash.edu.au.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested in assisting.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Australian Stem Cell Centre
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