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Thread: 60 Minutes says it ain't the real McCoy

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    Default 60 Minutes says it ain't the real McCoy

    On Sunday, April 18, the American television network CBS will broadcast a story called ?21st Century Snake Oil? on the program ?60 Minutes.? The story will profile the issue of commercialized stem cell treatments currently being marketed to patients across the globe. Members of the ISSCR Task Force on Unproven Stem Cell Treatments Larry Goldstein and Doug Sipp, as well as Board member Sean Morrison, were interviewed for this segment.

    For more information on this story, go to the 60 Minutes Web site:;snav

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    I watched the show and quite frankly was disappointed. Drs. Stowe and Morales should be run out of town, but in no way does what they did relegate stem cell therapy to the level of snake oil. The ISSCR was represented and they have Big Pharma ties. They also would like a global FDA. At one point, it was mentioned that there are no clinical trials using stem cells for ALS and yet we have information to the contrary posted in the ALS subforum.
    I found a couple of other inaccuracies and have put this show down to a program that was probably instigated by someone other than the network itself.

    As always, BUYER BEWARE. We must support groups like ICMS who are diligently putting together offshore treatment guides for us and we have to take it upon ourselves to learn about stem cells and treatments. Just because the words stem cells are mentioned does not mean that the right stem cells or therapy is going to be used on a patient. Dr. Stowe had very little scientific knowledge if you ask me. He seemed almost delusional. I can tell you if someone asked me to pay $125,000 for a treatment, I would know they were delusional.

    Many members on this forum are ill, but that doesn't mean we should become so desperate as to not do our homework when seeking treatments as there will always be those selling snake oil out there willing to relieve us of a lot of money. The legitimate clinics should not be put under the same umbrella as these two men and 60 Minutes should do a better job of reporting.
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    Default Article is biased

    I am inclined to agree. Although I didn't watch the show, the article is quite obviously biased. While the article references stem cell treatment as snake oil, the article failed to mention all of the successes with stem cell treatment. Stem cell treatment for advanced heart disease has been in clinical practice in both Australia and South Africa since 2004. They were among the first countries to use it. In addition, the jaw bone grown in an 18 year old in South Korea is published in the British Journal of Maxofacial Surgery as well as the South Korean ENT Journal.. Furthermore the article didn't mention the successes with liver regeneration at Imperial College in England, nor did the article reference wind pipe grown for a woman in Spain, or the fact that stem cell treatments are a standard substitute for jaw bone removal when getting tooth implants in the US.

    This article is typical of those who don't believe the fact that the rest of the world is developing something outside of the US influence.

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    I'm so glad to see some comments concerning this.
    I DID see the program (3 times)- along with my parents, the person that manages my daughter's special needs trust, and a few friends. They haven't hesitated to call me expressing their concern as to what I am "doing" to my child.
    I did a little digging and I am convinced that every "expert" (Sean Morrison, Larry Goldstein, and Doug Sipp) on that piece has in some way a connection to the FDA and Big Pharma. In an article I found by Doug Sipp is even so kind as to mention Stem Cell Pioneers an ICMS: (Actually the link seems to be broken. But I typed 'Doug Sipp" on the websites' "search box" and 14 articles by Doug Sipp are there- it's the first one called The Rocky road to Regulation.)

    I also decided to see how many commercials for FDA approved pharmaceuticals were shown through the whole 60 Minutes program. I counted 8. These were:

    Zegrid OTC

    Now I don't know if that's just coincidence, but I'm thinking NOT.

    Thank you 60 Minutes for your reckless and damaging report on adult stem cells. As if I didn't have a hard enough time explaining to people who have very little clue on the subject of stem cells, how these work to repair the damage in my child's brain. I NOW have to defend my decision to use stem cells against what the "experts" on this program are saying is a lie. I feel like we've just made a step backward.
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    Barb and I are quite familiar with how the media selectively filters information.

    Two years ago we were interviewed by the Washington Post (Barb please correct me if I'm wrong about the name of the paper) and last year by CNN. Both misrepresented their intent as well as aired inaccurate information. We know first hand because we know what we told them and then saw the results on CNN. We told them our health had improved after our treatments yet they chose to claim that no one had been helped by stem cell treatments. It makes you wonder how much of the news is even close to the reality.
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    That's a lot of drug commercials! I taped the program so fast forwarded right over them, but it is obvious that the network gets valuable revenue from Big Pharma. There are con artists everywhere so this wasn't really big news in my mind. The program wanted a sensationalized story and it fell flat in my opinion because of the Big Pharma ties, including Mr. Sipp's. As Zee pointed out, the facts were not presented whatsoever. I felt like I was watching a show that had been produced about 5 years ago. I thought that most people were going beyond thinking all stem cell therapy was snake oil.
    If it is snake oil, why are billions of dollars being spent on stem cell research all over the world? Why are there clinical trials? The program was dated and of little real value.
    The ISSCR believes a global FDA would serve us all well. I do not share that opinion. I don't find the ISSCR to be working for patients the way that the ICMS is. I see them as a group working for Big Pharma and this program simply reinforced that for me. I think the public would be far more interested in interviews with people like Zee described.
    The U.S. is falling behind plain and simple. As Jeannine noted, the media cannot be relied on to give us anything but snake oil on their part either. I refuse to do interviews any more with most of them.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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