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Thread: Your purchases help our forum

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    Default Your purchases help our forum

    I want to remind you that your purchases from Puritan's Pride that are bought by clicking on the Puritan's Pride icon and linking to their website from the Stem Cell Pioneers forum are helping maintain this forum. The prices are the same as what you would get by not linking on directly from our forum, so please if you like our forum and want to help us maintain it, then buy your vitamins and supplements this way. Don't forget that any order over $75.00 gets an extra $10.00 discount by using PP07ENT in the promo code box. This offer is now valid until 12/31/07. You can combine it with special shipping promotions that Puritan's Pride offers from time to time. I find the quality and the prices to be outstanding from Puritan's Pride. My post stem cell protocol is one that suggests quite a few supplements. People often ask me for the list that haven't had stem cell therapy and I really don't feel that it is something that I would recommend until after treatment. Many of the supplements are to promote engrafting of the new stem cells. There are many supplements however, that can be taken by anyone who is interested in an anti-aging regimen or just concerned that their diet isn't providing everything it should. Puritan's Pride has a huge inventory which makes it one stop shopping for me.
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    Default Have you purchased GenF20?

    I have had several people tell me that they have purchased the GenF20 product and are going to try it. I do hope that when you purchase this or Puritan's Pride vitamins and supplements that you will click on the link that we have from our forum. This is the only way we can get credit for your purchase. These two companies do pay us a small amount of commission which we put in our forum fund to maintain this forum. It is something you can do to help if you enjoy the forum and are going to purchase these products anyway. If you have purchased the GenF20 product and did use our link, please e-mail Jeannine and tell her because the affiliate information is not showing that purchases have been made from our forum. We would appreciate your help on this. This product is an HGH releaser and both Jeannine and I feel it is helping us. This falls in the secretagogue category that Dr. F recommends for those that had treatment at SCB. I still recommend that you ask your own stem cell doctor about the use of it if you went somewhere other than SCB or if you currently take other prescription medications or have any other worries about the safety of it. I think you will find those fears unfounded, but I certainly think it is best to get that advice from your own doctor. Thanks to all of you that help us maintain the forum and thanks to everyone who posts on here to keep the discussions going. We really do appreciate it.

    Also, don't forget to send your questions to me via my e-mail for the next Ask the Doctor forum to be hosted by XCell-Center doctors.
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    Default GenF20

    I want to thank those of you that let Jeannine know that you purchased the GenF20 product from our link. The link is now working properly and our forum will get credit when you buy it from the link on our Home Page. If you have not considered using it and you have already had stem cell therapy, especially therapy that recommends the use of secretagogues, you really should begin taking it. My husband, who does not suffer from any disease, except the usual male hard of hearing that begins at birth and only flares up when I ask him to do something, is going to start taking it also. Unless you are still in your twenties, this is a product that you will probably see great results from and fairly soon after starting it. I am going to take it for the six month recommended time, using the exact dosage that is on the bottle. It states that I can probably not need to use it for another 6-12 months before repeating the 6 month dosage again. The price is not that high if you consider the returns. I am finding it to be a wonderful product. I just spoke to a physical therapist that I met at a store and she said she takes it and recommends it. She also told me that she had to drive over 30 miles to buy it, so she was pleased that it could be found on our forum. I am looking forward to hearing from any of you that do decide to try it. Let us know your reaction and once again thanks for supporting this forum.

    Once again - I need your questions to be e-mailed to me for next month's Ask the Doctor forum to be hosted by Xcell-Center which is located in Cologne Germany. I also want to thank Dr. Feinerman from SCB in San Diego, California for hosting this months forum. I think the questions keep getting better and better.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Here's one article that discusses the benefits of increasing your Nitric Oxide, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine for releasing growth hormones

    It is excellent for stem cell release too.
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    Default I'm a believer

    Thank you Jeannine. I was out running around most of the day shopping (I hate to shop, by the way) and running errands. I did real well until it was finally time to come home and I will admit to being totally pooped and feeling breathless. I got home, took my 2 GenF20 capsules and within 10 minutes, I swear I was ready to go shopping again. My healthy, 3 years younger than me husband, who was with me all day, is now flopped out on the couch while I am raring to go. I am a little concerned if this could happen with vacuuming. You know I suffer from NOVAC and I intend to keep it that way!
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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