I want to remind you that your purchases from Puritan's Pride that are bought by clicking on the Puritan's Pride icon and linking to their website from the Stem Cell Pioneers forum are helping maintain this forum. The prices are the same as what you would get by not linking on directly from our forum, so please if you like our forum and want to help us maintain it, then buy your vitamins and supplements this way. Don't forget that any order over $75.00 gets an extra $10.00 discount by using PP07ENT in the promo code box. This offer is now valid until 12/31/07. You can combine it with special shipping promotions that Puritan's Pride offers from time to time. I find the quality and the prices to be outstanding from Puritan's Pride. My post stem cell protocol is one that suggests quite a few supplements. People often ask me for the list that haven't had stem cell therapy and I really don't feel that it is something that I would recommend until after treatment. Many of the supplements are to promote engrafting of the new stem cells. There are many supplements however, that can be taken by anyone who is interested in an anti-aging regimen or just concerned that their diet isn't providing everything it should. Puritan's Pride has a huge inventory which makes it one stop shopping for me.