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Thread: Installment 27 - Ask the Doctor with Rejuvenare

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    Default Installment 27 - Ask the Doctor with Rejuvenare

    Thank you to Carlo Velarde, Dr. Yael Porat and Dr. Dori Naerbo from Rejuvenare who collaborated for this month's Ask the Doctor.

    Rejuvenare?s mission is to research and develop state-of-the-art cellular technology, connect exceptional doctors to patients worldwide and make therapies accessible to patients utilizing only the safest proven protocols. Rejuvenare was created in response to a need for advanced medical cellular treatments to give hope to the hopeless and to no-option patients. Taking the guessing part away from true science. Rejuvenare?s mission is to create a coalition of ?medical talent? pioneers in novel cellular therapy and other advance medical treatments not available in the USA and make them available TODAY to those in need. For treatment inquiries please visit:

    Rejuvenare Scientific Advisor, Dr. Yael Porat, founder, CEO and CTO of BiogenCell, a biotechnology company with the mission to bring highly standardized cell-based products to people in need. BiogenCell?s technology supports the manufacturing and bio- banking of therapeutic cellular products to be used by the patient himself (autologous) or by other patients (allogeneous). (Answered questions: 2-10)

    Rejuvenare CEO, Carlo Velarde, Worldwide Business Development. Prior to founding Rejuvenare, he was instrumental in the creation of a leading stem cell development company. Carlo was responsible for international market strategy and developed liaisons with several facilities in key international destinations. (Answered question: 1)

    Rejuvenare Director of Patient Care and Clinical Research, Dr. Dori Naerbo, is a psychologist and former, European Patient Care Coordinator Director for TheraVitae, (TV) (makers of Vescell) she was instrumental in educating non-option heart patients on the benefits of autologous stem cell therapies. Responsible for patient counseling, liaison with treating physicians and Patient Care Coordinators to deliver exemplary service to patients worldwide. Caring, compassionate and patient-centered focus. Getting to the heart matters. (Answered question: 11)

    Q: Do you plan to commission another clinic closer to the North American market such as Mexico? Do you have any new protocols for the more difficult neuro diseases like PD, ALS, and MS?

    A: We are investigating the possibility to treat patients in Cancun, Mexico to serve the eastern United States and Puerto Vallarta to serve the western USA. We will resume treating patients in the Dominican Republic by April 2010. Rejuvenare will build our own landmark treatment facility in fabulous Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the RocoKi Resort. Rejuvenare will be educating and training other physicians to help those in need of stem cell therapy. (Answered by Carlo Velarde CEO of Rejuvenare)

    Rejuvenare's Medical Director Dr. Jorge Tuma has been treating Parkinson's disease (PD) for years with his revolutionary protocols and delivery methods. Dr. Tuma has treated over 200 cases of PD with very impressive results. We will be conducting clinical trials for early dementia, MS and ALS during the 3rd quarter of the current year. (Answered by Carlo Velarde CEO of Rejuvenare)

    Q: In recent months, I have been hearing the term scaffold being used frequently in relation to stem cells. Can you explain what this is and how it might help to regenerate different organs?

    A: Scaffolds usually 3D structures are designed to give cells better environment promote cell-cell interactions and enhance proliferation. There are 2 types of scaffolds:
    • The ones, which are used for in vitro stage only. These are promoting growth but the harvesting of cells out of them demands proteolysic enzymes that might possess a safety risk. (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)
    • Scaffolds that are designed to be implanted to the tissue. Most of those are biodegradable attached to the tissue as a patch while very promising it looks that they are still "too big" for the tissue (e.g. the heart) and not helping cell survival in the tissue as expected. (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: Is it possible for mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow or umbilical cord to cross the Blood Brain Barrier? If you inject the cells intrathecally, can the mesenchymal cells cross the Blood Brain Barrier?

    If cells are injected intrathecally they are already in the CNS. i.e. they can move with the CNS to the brain. Previous experiments showed that the cells (blood derived cells not MSC) migrated to and engrafted in the damaged area in the brain. (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: Are you or do you plan to treat sensory neural hearing loss with autologous stem cells? If so, how? If not, do you know of any clinics who are treating sensory neural hearing loss with success?

    A: We are going to address every area in the future but please note that in a talk I had with an expert in the field he claimed that biomedical devices these days are so efficient that it stops the stem cell area from developing in this direction. (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: In your opinion, in the absence of any scientific evidence, do you feel that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) would have any outcome on stem cell therapy? Some alternative medicine doctors do find HBOT to be beneficial to their patients and there is documented evidence that it can help with some conditions. Some stem cell clinics offer a couple of HBOT treatments with their therapy, but I am doubtful that such a few could help.

    A: Reports on stem cells show stress -derived factors are playing a role in attracting stem cells to damaged areas. There are methods using transient hypoxia (or other damage) to promote stem cells migration into the damaged areas. In order to evaluate the effect of HBOT; comparative clinical studies to assess the safety and efficacy of this treatment are clearly needed. (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: Belgian scientists who used embryonic stem cells to create lung tissue say this technique could provide an alternative to lung transplants for patients with COPD and cystic fibrosis. This is the first study to show that embryonic stem cells can be converted into airway epithelial like cells without the use of specific growth factors or embryoid body formation. The researchers achieved this using an "air-liquid interface" system that mimics the conditions found in an adult trachea. How long would it take to finally be used on patients, in your opinion?

    A: It will be a very long time before embryonic cells will be safely applied to patients! Embryonic cells are not safe. (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: If you receive a stem cell transplant that uses umbilical cord stem cells, how are the toxins cleaned out of the blood? How do you determine if the toxins in the umbilical cord blood have affected the stem cells? How can you guarantee that the stem cells are toxin free? By toxins, I mean environmental toxins including BPA, perchlorate, fire retardants, lead, mercury and PCB's as well as any medications the mother might have been taking.

    A:Blood from the cord is considered safe for autologous use. For allogeneous use there is a need in tissue matching even between family members. The limitation of blood from the umbilical cord is in the low number of cells obtained from it. (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: Essentially the cord blood stem cells originate from the mother and are distributed to the child during pregnancy. My question would concern the event of a mother having two separate children. In relation to the cord blood for each child, if the origination of the cord blood stem cells comes from the mother, I would assume the mother would transfer the same cord blood stem cells, so each sibling would be receiving the same cord blood that the mother provides for each separate pregnancy. What are your thoughts on this idea?

    A: Cord blood should be tested for matching regardless of origin. however, cord blood. If the sibling of the baby who provided the umbilical cord blood needs a transplant: The doctor would first test to see if the sibling matches the brother or sister who needs the transplant. Because tissue types are inherited from parents, there is a 25% chance that siblings will match each other. (For more details, see the patient information on HLA matching ). (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: In regards to spontaneous necrotising osteonecrosis due to the IV administration of bisphosphonates have any of the research facilities attempted AASCT to halt/rebuild the mandibular and/or maxillary bones once they have been attacked and their destruction begun? If so, what has been the progress/success/failure of their endeavous. If you are not aware of other research, does Rejuvenare treat a condition like this?

    A:Rejuvenare intends to get into the bone regeneration area with proprietary technologies. (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: In your opinion, should cord blood stem cells be HLA-matched in order to avoid rejection?

    A: Definitely yes! (Answered by Dr. Yael Porat)

    Q: How does one's frame of mind affect stem cell therapy? Should one rest up after treatment or is it okay to go full steam ahead if one feels like it when they return home?

    1. One?s frame of mind affects any therapy or treatment. Although it is anecdotal, we have seen some patients? exhibit remarkable recovery with stem cells. One common factor that I have noticed with these patients is their marked positive attitude. I have spoken with other physicians concerning this phenomenon and they have noticed the same; some patients do exceptionally better than others do with the exact same etiology but a different mindset. Some may think this could be a placebo effect but we have followed some of these patients for over one year and they are still going very strong. I believe in the mind, body, spirit connection and treating in a holistic manner is essential in a patient?s treatment plan, which should include lifestyle changes, optimization, and coaching or counseling. What your mind can believe your body can achieve.
    2. On side note, patients should not be hung up on their numbers as it increases anxiety. Your numbers fluctuate on a daily basis, from technician to the machine, so do not let the number pigeon hole you as they are pooled for a certain percentage of the population. This is a big debate in personalized medicine as well, but we won?t go into that at this time. Instead, stop worrying and practice diversion techniques to feel a sense of well-being. Look at your glass as half full instead of half empty as there is a physiological response in conjunction to the way you think.
    3. Food for thought. Cell biologist, former Associate Professor of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Research Fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine, Author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles (I highly recommend you read this book) Bruce Lipton, has become an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. Pioneering research on cloned stem cell cultures earned Dr. Bruce Lipton a PhD degree in developmental biology from the University of Virginia in 1971. After a postdoctoral stint at the University of Texas (Austin), Lipton joined the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin in 1973. His research on muscular dystrophy employing human stem cells demonstrated that the environment controlled cell behaviour and gene activity, findings in direct contrast with prevailing dogma that genes control life. Integrating quantum physics principles with protein biochemistry led Bruce Lipton to breakthrough studies revealing that the cell membrane was an organic homologue of a computer chip. Functioning as an information processor, the membrane represents the cell's equivalent of a brain. I think this is a fascinating field and firmly believe that you are what you eat and what you think. (Answered by Dr. Dori Naerbo)
    4. Here are some recommended links:

    • The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology: ( I like this book for cardiac patients because it is a written by a cardiologist that understands nutrition. Also, it provides a good understanding why certain supplement are beneficial. Of course, you should check with your cardiologist before making any changes.
    • The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook: This book is written by a CHF survivor. It contains excellent recipes and tastes good too.
    • Dr. Sinatra Website --
    • Super antioxidant functional food: Oxidative stress is known to cause over 200 degenerative diseases. The main reason I like this product is that most patients have a difficult time dieting. The doctors tell them to lose weight, but their EF is usually too low that they cannot do anything. So they have to create a caloric deficit. This healthy chocolate uses a cold pressed process to preserve the antioxidant levels, which is validated by the prestigious Brunswick Lab. For example, eating 3 squares is 10,746 ORAC, which equals 6.5 pounds of tomatoes or 1.6 pounds of spinach. Many report that the cravings for sugar and carbohydrates are drastically decreased, in addition, aches and pains due to an inflammation process also seem to subside. Of course, none of these testimonials have been reviewed by the FDA, nor is it guaranteed that you will have the same results. If you are a chocolate fan, just replacing the bad with good is an excellent start as there are no waxes, fillers or refined sugars, only pure unprocessed, Belgium chocolate, with acacia and blueberries. The benefits of unprocessed cacao is well documented.
    • Donald Gazzaninga website:
    • Pritikin Center website: This is an excellent center.

    5. Yes, our treating physicians recommend rest after treatment. Some patients report a surge of energy after treatment. (Answered by Dr. Dori Naerbo)
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