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Thread: Installment 24 - Ask the Doctor with Dr. Javier Lopez Regenerative Medicine Institut

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    Default Installment 24 - Ask the Doctor with Dr. Javier Lopez Regenerative Medicine Institut

    Installment 24 - Ask the Doctor with Dr. Javier Lopez Regenerative Medicine Institute

    About this Month's Host
    The Regenerative Medicine Institute is a team made up by physicians and allied health professionals who work together to meet the needs of patients and families living with chronic degenerative disease. They work to stream line the referral process; share information with other healthcare personnel; communicate and work with primary care and specialty physicians, case managers; research treatments and procedures to find the best options for treating the causes of degenerative disease. Dr. Javier Lopez is the host this month. He has over 25 years experience in medical administration and international hospital development. He is a licensed physician and an integral part of the Regenerative Medicine Institute.


    Q: I am going to once again ask my monthly question. Are you or do you plan to treat sensory neural hearing loss with autologous stem cells? If so, how? If not, do you know of any clinics who are treating hearing loss?
    A: We have done extensive research regarding cochlear fibrocytes degeneration and their roll in Sensorineural Hearing loss and have concluded that by implanting mesenchymal stem cells into the inner ear significant hearing recovery may be accomplished. We believe that as early as the 1st quarter of 2010 the regulatory process will be complete. The proposed treatment will include Autologous Bone Marrow derived stem cells as per ICMS guidelines, Regenerative Medicine Institute is a member of ICMS, we encourage you to visit our site at

    Q: Are stem cells able to repair brain arteries? I've had two aneurysms repaired. I have another small one.
    A: I am sorry to inform you that we do not treat this condition, only as an initial thought and because of the anatomy of the brain artery after the aneurysm and the physics behind blood flow it would be hard to understand repair without surgery.

    Q: I read the following article and would like to have your comments on it. It makes some rather sweeping statements about the safety of stem cell therapy.

    "Researchers at the University of Granada and the University of Leon have demonstrated that transplantation of stem cells (human mononuclear cells isolated from umbilical cord blood) accelerated cirrhosis in rats with cirrhosis. This demonstrates the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine may be harmful to human health. The study appears in the November issue of the journal Cell Transplantation. The original aim of the study was to determine if the use of human umbilical cord blood that contained stem cells could produce regeneration of liver cells damaged by cirrhosis. The results indicate an increase in liver damage and kidney damage as well. The overall results indicate that much more research is needed in the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine. The existence of disease in the targeted organ may prevent stem cells from regenerating tissues."
    A: This could be a case where the allogeneus and selected mononuclear cells have had an adverse effect on the rats and perhaps in humans. As a member of ICMS we follow it's guidelines therefore use autologous bone marrow derived stem cells. Our procedures are minimally invasive and stem cells are minimally manipulated. We encourage you to read ICMS guidelines @

    Q: When attempting to repair lung tissue, what could be done to repair the airways? Many times when I exercise or do something strenuous I feel as if my throat closes up which makes it hard to breathe.
    A: I respectfully suggest you have a thorough evaluation done by your physician, I do not think your condition warrants Stem Cell Treatment.

    Q: Doctor, in all your experience have you witnessed any lung regeneration? If so, what was the extent of the regeneration and the over all benefit to your patient(s)? Is it documented? What procedure of lung regeneration are you or your research clinic using or going to use with stem cells that effect regeneration?
    A:Yes we have. Treatment for Pulmonary disease is one of our strengths at the Regenerative Medicine Institute. Patients that have been treated at our clinic in Tijuana, Mexico have experienced lung regeneration. In the case highlighted on our website, patient came to us after she had been diagnosed and treated for COPD. Her primary care physician in the US had basically told her that she had a few years to live. Almost immediately after receiving initial Autologous Bone Marrow derived stem cell treatment her situation started to change, productive cough was a constant for 30 days, she started to breathe a lot easier and her lungs started to clear up. At the Regenerative Medicine Institute we document every single stage of treatment, pre-treatment Chest CT Scan was taken as well as pulmonary function testing as well as clinical work up including 6-minute walk test. 90 days after the initial treatment same work up was done at her hospital in the US in order to evaluate any changes. We are happy to report that the program that was put in place by one of our treating physicians, Dr. Ruben Corral, a Board Certified Pulmonologist that was trained both in Mexico and the US has delivered encouraging results. Following you will find Pulmonary Function test results:

    08/18/09 FVC [L] 25.2%, FEV1 [L] 18.8%, FEV1/FVC 75.4%
    11/05/09 FVC [L] 52%, FEV1 [L] 26%, FEV1/FVC 50%

    Patient is no longer using her power chair, her oximeter reading is at 94%-97% without oxygen and is now out and about trying to take her life back. She has now had her second treatment. You are welcome to listen to her story posted on our website at

    Q: Will stem cell therapy work for my 63 year old mom? Her stroke happened 6 years ago and as a result she suffers from mixed aphasia. And why is it that sometimes, more than one treatment is necessary? Thank you.
    A: Your Mom could benefit from stem cell treatment using her own (autologous) cells. In all cases we recommend a follow up treatment usually 90 days after initial treatment. If the patient responds favorably we will follow up with a third treatment 6 to 12 months after in order to insure a faster and perhaps long term benefit from the cell therapy process.

    Q: I was told by another stem cell doctor that I have bullous of the lungs and that stem cells would not help. What is your opinion? If you feel it would, would you say bone marrow or umbilical cord would work best with bullous?
    A: Autologous Bone Marrow is the way to go. This is a safe and effective method for treating patients with stem cells. There are no studies out there that can substantiate that UC Stem Cells are better than those that are Bone Marrow derived. Regarding results, we can only refer to those at the Regenerative Medicine Institute. Our program under Dr. Ruben Corral, a Boston University Medical Center trained Board Certified Pulmonologist has offered patients the opportunity to take back control of their lives. You can read more about Dr. Corral and our group of specialists at

    Q: Are you treating macular degeneration? If so, what would the procedure entail?
    A: Yes we are. At the Regenerative Medicine Institute following the lead of our Board Certified Ophthalmologists, Dr. Carpio and Dr. Cortes, we have developed a protocol to implant autologous bone marrow derived stem cells into the intravitreal space. A detailed ophthalmological evaluation by our specialists is required before patients are even considered to be a part of the program. You can read more about Dr. Carpio and Dr. Cortes at our website at

    Q: Do you know what European and Asian journals lung researchers typically publish their findings in? Besides a catscan, is there another test that can determine if someone has pulmonary fibrosis vs. COPD? Other than catscan and spirometry, is there another test that can be used to evaluate someone's air lung capacity - a balloon that can be measured maybe?
    A: Most research findings are on line, NIH sites some of them. The text book method to diagnose COPD are complete medical history and clinical evaluation by Pulmonologist, labs, chest CT scan and x-rays, lung physiology testing.

    Q: What is the process that your company must go through to get a protocol approved in Mexico? What does that mean to me as a patient if it is approved?
    A: According to Mexican Health Law, everyone providing stem cell treatment has to file for a specific license. If using Bone Marrow derived stem cells, institution providing treatment needs hospital license and a bone marrow transplant license. It is required that treatment protocol that has been approved by the Hospital Ethics Committee as well as the Bone Marrow Transplantation Committee is submitted to the regulatory agency. If proposed protocol meets ethical, safety and efficacy standards it is approved. We at the Regenerative Medicine Institute have complied with such requirements and are submitting protocols for approval as our Clinicians and Researchers develop them.

    As with complying with ICMS guidelines, approved protocols and safety standards will assure patients that treatment will cause minimal or no harm at all.

    Disclaimer from Dr Lopez
    Everyone needs to understand that we are still in the infancy stage of Stem Cell Treatment and that NO ONE can or should make any promises. We at the Regenerative Medicine Institute believe that informed consent and full disclosure should be a constant in Stem Cell Research and Treatment.
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