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About the Doctor

Dr. Singer is double board-certified as a Family physician and surgeon as well as a Holistic medical doctor.
He received his medical education at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa in 1983.
Dr. Singer has been in private practice since 1987 in Cheyenne and Denver.
He refers to his practice as the "one stop medical shop" where you can find answers to everything from the most routine to the most curious and serious medical issues.


1) After viewing your website, I did not see any mention of stem cell therapy. Is this something you plan to integrate into your wellness recovery plan in the near future?

A: I do not advertise or talk about stem cell therapy on my website at the current time. It is something that I think is best discussed with each patient if appropriate as a therapeutic option. I do offer stem cell therapy counseling and treatments currently in my practice. For more details please call (303) 488-0034 and schedule an appointment to discuss the options with me.

2) Do you feel that stem cells taken from the blood are as effective for treatment as those taken from the bone marrow?

A: I think it is clear that stem cell propagation is effective whether from marrow or blood. As far as effectiveness of treatment, it remains to be seen which method will work best with each illness and each patient. There are more options available now beside stem cell propagation techniques, including blastomere-like stem cell activation procedures.

3) Do you have any experience in treating COPD?

A; I have many COPD patients, but have not treated any yet with stem cell therapy. I am doing a study with a biotech company for COPD patients at reduced cost for treatment.

4) Are you a member of ASCTA?

A: Yes, I am a member of ASCTA.

5) How much of a role do you feel that allergies may play in a person's health? I took a blood test that showed I did have some allergies and then my doctor did another one and he said I didn't have any allergies. I am at a loss as to what is going on, but I sometimes feel like I may have allergies. I can't pinpoint any food or environmental factor however. Is there one method of testing that may be better than others? Will stem cell treatment eliminate or possibly increase allergies?

A: Allergies or what we commonly call allergies play a huge role in health and illness - it unfortunately is largely unrecognized or ignored by traditional physicians. The best way to test and treat allergies is called Provocation/Neutralization, made known by Drs. Carleton Lee and Joseph Miller. There are only a few dozen doctors that do this technique in the US, I am one. It is one of the most powerful medical therapies that I use and I am studying it to help develop tolerance to stem cell implantation.

6-10) I suffer from IPF. I am still extremely active and feel there is evidence that points to a more effective result with stem cell treatment if a person has it early on. I have several questions based on bone marrow stem cell transplants.

A: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is, like all diseases, multifaceted, and different in each patient. The disease does not exist in a vacuum, rather it exists with you and all that makes you unique.
Treatment with stem cell therapy I believe is best done keeping that in mind and treating the whole person. That means fully evaluating important biochemical parameters such as your intracellular nutritional status (oxidants, antioxidants, phospholipids, metallo (MMP) and serine proteases, antiproteases, cytokines, eicosonoids), hormone status, gut function, and methylation and sulphation ability, anabolic/catabolic balance, blood chemistry and then doing your stem cell treatment after optimizing those factors.

6) It seems that mesenchymal stem cells are the most effective for tissue repair - is this correct?

A: Most effective, possibly, required, yes as far as we know now.

7) The process of extraction or aspiration can only result in X number of cells and it seems according to animal studies that a million+ cells are necessary for best results. Therefore the cells need to be cultivated and increased - is this correct?

A: That is the current process used by almost all labs but there are possibly better ways to use autologous stem cells or their precursors in development that don't involve propogation steps, just activation.

8) The cultivation must take time, therefore the procedure from start to finish can be a couple of weeks or more - is this correct?

A: As is currently done it is done minimally in 7-10 days, longer in some facilities.

9) Since one has a particular disease, are diseased cells aspirated and passed back into the blood stream/body?

A: Obviously your genetic material is passed back into the blood stream when autologous whole cells are infused. If those cells have the instruction set for a disease(native or foreign DNA/RNA) you could potentially continue to express that disease. However, genes turn on and off all the time and the summation of genetic expression and hence disease expression is modified and mitigated by a well balanced and biochemically optimized healthy immune system. Again, this therapy doesn't happen in a vaccum, it happens in you. Be hopeful, it can strongly promote a desirable outcome.

10) What is the risk with this procedure?

A; It depends on which procedure you are talking about. General risks for stem cell therapy include pain or infection at the site of harvest or the site of infusion, and thrombosis, embolism, phlebitis, and ischemic events.

About the company

Dr. Jonathan Singer and his staff at HealthFirst are dedicated to finding the underlying causes of your health problems and the impediments to healing. By knowing the when, what and how of your problems, Dr. Jonathan Singer can expertly formulate creative, time-tested, rational science-based treatments to restore your health as fully as possible.

Nothing happens randomly. Events came together to cause the changes you now feel.
That's where we can help you.

Dr. Singer removes obstacles and impediments to healing and your body heals itself as fully as possible.

Just a little insight, understanding and precise removal of the underlying barriers to healing can lead to remarkable and long-lasting improvements in your health!

For over twenty-five years we've helped people just like you regain optimum health and vitality. From illness to wellness; that's what we strive for. Like most of our patients, you've probably talked with your own physicians or even specialists about your health issues but still don't feel well and certainly don't feel like you did in your prime. The causes of illness are sometimes apparent but when they're not, Dr. Singer will investigate and ferret out the root causes of illness. You've got an expert in your corner when you let Dr. Singer help you.

Loss of health always requires careful, thoughtful investigation to help your body get back on track again so you feel your best.Your primary care or consulting physician may not have the time, concern or expertise to do the amount of investigative work needed to correct your health problems.

You may have already been put on one or more medications to cover up your symptoms. That's helpful in the short-term, but it's usually has undesired consequences when used for long periods of time. It's also not a cost-effective treatment given the skyrocketing cost of medications that you may use for years and the tests needed to monitor for pharmaceutical side-effects. Most importantly, covering up symptoms with medications ignores your real medical issues.

Dr. Singer will take a lot of time with you to go over your history in detail and perform a pertinent physical.

Solving medical problems once and for all is like a jigsaw puzzle. Unless you try to find all the pieces and put them together you won't fully succeed. He will carefully look for clues other providers may have missed and suggest appropriate laboratory tests different than those used by the majority of physicians.

When the underlying pieces of the puzzle are found and put together, Dr. Singer will effectively use creative medical and integrative (alternative) therapies (and surgery only when absolutely necessary)-all based on science, to remove obstacles that stand in the way of healing, so that you will quickly regain optimal health.

Remember, good health is the default state of the body, illness is not. With Dr. Singer's expertise and guidance, you'll receive exactly the care you need while avoiding wasting time with ineffective and possibly harmful conventional medical treatments.

Advanced medical care and real hope.

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